Kelly Brändli Introduces “Sinaps” – Pioneering ADHD Relationship Coaching in Zurich

Last Updated on: 23rd January 2024, 05:32 pm

Zurich now boasts its first ADHD relationship coaching practice, Sinaps, a Swiss-based company dedicated to assisting couples and families in navigating the challenges posed by ADHD with harmony.

Founded by Kelly Brändli, a seasoned relationship coach since 2019, Sinaps extends its expertise to parents, focusing on adult ADHD awareness and management. The firm offers personalised support to singles, couples, and families throughout Switzerland, leveraging online platforms for individual and small group sessions.

Kelly’s journey to becoming a recognised ADHD relationship specialist is marked by extensive clinical background, including a nursing degree from the University of British Columbia, neonatal care specialisation from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and an Executive MBA from Henley Business School in the UK.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to professional growth, Kelly has invested over CHF 80,000 in further training in the past five years. Her qualifications include training from the Matchmaking Institute of Dr. Terri Orbuch PhD, certification as a dating and relationship coach, a Strategic Intervention Coach through Robbins Madanes Training, and she is in the process of completing a CAS in ADHD Coaching.

Kelly’s coaching, informed by industry best practices, is anchored in three key areas: ADHD understanding, behavioural change, and communication strategies. Her diverse skills enable her to customise her approach to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring comprehensive and impactful coaching.

Reflecting on her personal experience, Kelly Brändli shares, “After the breakdown of my 10-year marriage in 2013, I felt broken and hopeless. Determined to break the cycle of conflictual relationships, I embarked on a transformative journey and today live in a unique relationship with a wonderful man, but the journey to achieve this fulfillment was anything but easy.”

A pivotal moment in Brändli’s story was her son’s ADHD diagnosis, which she identified as a potential factor in her relationship challenges. She recounts, “When I learned that ADHD is highly hereditary, I realised that ADHD was probably the cause of our relationship problems, and my partner and I sought a diagnosis and treatment. Given the long waiting lists for one ADHD therapy, we realised that traditional solutions were inadequate. An individualised approach and addressing the unique challenges that ADHD presents was the way to go. Through medication and behavior modification, we not only saved our relationship, but it is now stronger than before.”

Her personal journey fuels her dedication to highlighting the role of adult ADHD in relationships. She concludes, “”I strongly believe that understanding the impact of ADHD can be the pivotal point in saving many relationships. Through diagnosis, treatment and support, couples can not only save their relationships but also build them into something stronger than ever before. Our experience shows: If we can do it, you can too.”

Testimonial from Anika, Switzerland: “Kelly’s coaching was truly transformative. At first, I believed that ADHD only affected my studies, but with Kelly’s support, I gained deeper knowledge of my intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships in all areas of life. Kelly’s compassionate, warm and sincere nature, coupled with her knowledge and adaptable coaching style, has given me a profound and positive perspective on life. The investment in her coaching has proven invaluable and I feel stronger than ever before. I am grateful for the journey with Kelly!”

For more details about Sinaps’ coaching services, contact Kelly Brändli at

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