The Co-operative Bank have today become one of the founding signatories to the Investing in Women Code, a commitment to support and increase the number of female entrepreneurs in the UK, through the provision of advice, tools and financial resources.

Donald Kerr, Managing Director, SME Banking at the Co-operative Bank, comments: “The Co-operative Bank wholeheartedly supports the aims of the Investing in Women Code, and is proud to be a founding signatory to this initiative to support the role of women in business.

“The provision of equal opportunities and inclusion are vital elements of our Values and Ethics, and today’s announcement is an important step in the financial industry’s backing of female entrepreneurs.

“Ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity to pursue the successful development of their business, regardless of gender, is a vital process in supporting the growth of a diverse, innovative and strong UK economy.

“We look forward to working with the wider industry to continue to implement the aims of the Investing in Women Code, and improve the position of female entrepreneurs, in line with the values that are at the heart of our long-established ethical policy.”