John Weiss & Son officially named UK distributors for MedOne’s cannulas

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:53 pm

Now the UK has access to new high-quality cannulas like never before, thanks to John Weiss & Son, who have been named as the Authorised UK Distributor for MedOne’s range of specialty cannulas.

John Weiss & Son are known as one of the dominant manufacturers and distributors of top of the line ophthalmic micro-surgical instruments and procedures. MedOne Surgical has a worldwide reach where they develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality specialty surgical products. Now with the two companies shaking hands and making a deal, customers have the best of both worlds.

MedOne’s range focuses on single-use products for vitreoretinal surgery, featuring a host of different items such as general, soft tip, dual bore, silicone oil and subretinal. On top of that, they have a variety of backflush instruments that help ensure surgeons achieve what they set out to do.

With regard to the cannulas, MedOne offers many types such as soft tip and Dual Bore. Soft tip cannulas have flexible, high-flow silicone tips that allow gentle access to retinas. These type of cannulas are great when a surgeon needs to get below the surface of the retina for aspiration of fluid. Longer silicone tips are also great for when subretinal fluid needs to be drained from peripheral detachments through an existing tear or break. Customers have three different gauge sizes to choose from at 20, 23, and 25g. 

MedOne’s Dual Bore range of Cannulas, on the other hand, are designed for injection of a liquid such as a perfluorocarbon (PFCL) or staining dye, while allowing simultaneous egress of BSS to relieve pressure build-up. This ensures patient safety is enhanced and makes it easy for surgical liquids to be used while controlling intraocular pressure. There are also both blunt-tip and infusion cannulas for general injection or aspiration.

Another type of cannula from MedOne’s range is the Silicone oil cannula. This particular type enables the surgeon to smoothly process viscous fluids injection and removal from the eye. Adding to this, the self-retaining feature in the MedOne infusion cannulas allows bimanual surgery during oil fill. 

If a surgeon is looking to safely penetrate the retina to drain subretinal fluid or to inject medication, MedOne’s subretinal cannulas are a good choice. Their PolyTip cannula is able to be used to penetrate right through the retina so that subretinal fluid can be drained in a process that minimizes trauma. 

Adding to the large range of cannulas at the surgeon’s disposal, MedOne backflush instruments are used during vitreoretinal surgery for either the passive or active aspiration of intraocular fluids and debris. They have numerous beneficial features, such as their ergonomic and lightweight design, which allows excellent maneuverability, with a high-volume backflush reservoir and a comfy grip that results in more deft control during micro-vitreoretinal surgery.

MedOne also provides a wide selection of single-use surgical instruments such as knives, picks and forceps.

With all these different choices of gold-standard cannulas and instruments now available in the UK thanks to John Weiss & Son, both surgeons and medical professionals up and down the country will be pleased to have these fantastic tools available when they need them.

Alongside the range of cannulas, the MedOne portfolio also includes a selection of single-use surgical instruments, including; knives, picks, and forceps.

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