Irish-based firm Reliance Ozone releases portable ozone system to fight COVID outbreak

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:12 pm

The ‘new normal’ will require workplaces, homes and any other indoor environment to adapt with new systems and protocols.

Thus, companies that develop systems and products that help keep these places safe will reap the benefits.

One such company that may be onto something is Reliance Ozone, who have just released the Reliance 03, a product it describes as “a portable intelligent room disinfection and sanitisation system that helps eliminate viruses and other types of pathogen.”

Reliance Ozone, who work out of Galway in the west of Ireland, believe that this is a product that will help halt the spread of Covid-19. They claim it works by providing “a high concentration of ozone in a room to produce a shock effect that destroys bacteria, viruses and odours.”

They state that that process will “generate ozone for disinfection and then deactivate it, leaving the disinfected sites ready for immediate use.”

Of course, there are many other companies designing and releasing products that claim to be the solution to this worldwide problem. However, Reliance Ozone believe their product is different because it has a built-in sensor that checks ozone levels.

It also has a warning system that urges people to stay out of a room until it is safe to enter.

Reliance Ozone CEO, Anthony Tobin, added that the company has put a lot of focus on solving this worldwide quandary, stating: “In the coming months, Reliance Ozone will bring to market not only the Reliance O3 but also several other products. We are now engaging with potential resellers and agents worldwide.”

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