Introducing Onirique: A Mesmerizing Collaboration Between Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 09:17 pm

A groundbreaking fusion of Evolve’s esteemed 13-year legacy in the industry and Loaded Boards’ unparalleled mastery of deck design has birthed an extraordinary electric skateboard that promises an exceptionally functional and exhilarating ride.

Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards proudly unveil their most innovative creation to date: the Onirique. Derived from the French term for “dreamlike,” the Onirique pledges to whisk riders away to a realm where boundless exhilaration reigns supreme, transforming every commute into an extraordinary journey. Marking a significant milestone, this marks the first collaboration between these two iconic skateboard brands.

Jeff Anning, the visionary founder of Evolve Skateboards, expressed, “What better alignment could there be than uniting with a company that shares our fervor and excels in the technical finesse of their products? With their advanced technology, innovative shapes, concave design, and premium materials, it was an instinctive decision to join forces and craft an exhilarating product.”

Elevating the Commute Experience

Blessed with an impressive range of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 22 mph, riders can embark on extended journeys with unwavering confidence. Empowered by dual 1500-watt motors, the Onirique conquers uphill inclines of up to 30% gradient effortlessly. The inclusion of Orangatang Caguama 85mm Street Wheels ensures optimal roll speed for both commuting and carving.

This electric skateboard boasts a three-layer bamboo deck enveloped within layers of fibreglass and epoxy, expertly striking a harmonious equilibrium between lightweight maneuverability and unwavering durability. The bamboo veneers on both the top and bottom augment not only the deck’s visual allure but also contribute to its functionality. An assertive grip tape guarantees surefootedness, catering to leisurely cruising and high-speed electric skateboarding alike.

A Fusion of Design Proficiency

The essence of Onirique’s allure resides in its utilitarian design. An expansive deck platform, subtle concave curvature, and strategically positioned flares unite to deliver stability, responsiveness, and impeccable foot placement. These characteristics foster an instinctive posture that perpetually aligns riders with their board. Whether indulging in leisurely cruising, carving, or pushing the envelope of e-skate performance, Onirique seamlessly adapts to the rider’s style.

Don Tashman, the ingenious founder of Loaded Boards, elaborated, “The Onirique deck was meticulously crafted with electric skateboarding in mind. Its width ensures steadfastness, while its slim profile facilitates swift side-to-side maneuvers. This seamless edge-to-edge transition amplifies control, simultaneously fortifying stability to harness the motors’ velocity and potency.”

Artistry in Dynamic Motion

Taking inspiration from progressive surfboard visionaries such as Tomo and Album, Onirique’s performance-driven silhouette conceals intricate contours within an ostensibly uncomplicated yet visually captivating form. The graphic design, masterfully curated by Nanastudio, captures the evocative essence of the board’s name and encapsulates the exhilarating thrill it affords.


The Onirique electric skateboard is presently open for pre-order through the official Evolve Skateboards website at

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