Envision a Skies-Embracing Career: Embark on the Journey to Becoming an Air Traffic Controller on Scotland’s Breathtaking Remote Isle

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:00 pm

On the picturesque island of Benbecula within the Outer Hebrides, a remarkable opportunity beckons as Scottish recruitment platform HiJOBS.net concludes its quest for a new trainee Air Traffic Controller at Highlands and Islands Airport Limited (HIAL).

With an initial salary just shy of £28,000 and devoid of prerequisite experience, HIAL’s focus is firmly set on individual attributes such as robust visual-motor coordination, adept multitasking, impeccable communication, and composed demeanor even amid pressure. A successful contender should be a minimum of 18 years old and meet the stringent medical prerequisites outlined by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

This prospect holds immense allure for those commencing or altering their careers, offering an entry-level training salary ranging from £27,943 to £41,298, which burgeons to £46,281 and £56,700 upon full qualification. A comprehensive sponsored training package accompanies this role, featuring ample annual leave, a company pension, and an employee assistance program, designed to facilitate relocation for the triumphant candidate and their family.

The notion of embarking on a fresh chapter resonates with a significant majority of Scots. A recent HiJOBS survey encompassing 2000 respondents revealed that 72% of Scots harbor a willingness to relocate to Scotland’s captivating coastal or rural locales in pursuit of their dream job.

Nestled amidst the Western Isles, Benbecula is united with its adjacent counterparts North and South Uist via causeways. The island, home to a modest population of just over 1,200 individuals, boasts exquisite white sandy beaches and dunes, while its moorlands and lochs teem with an array of wildlife, including majestic birds of prey like the hen harrier, short-eared owl, and merlin.

Laura Saunders, the visionary Commercial Director and Founder of HiJOBS, commented, “Our recent research underscores the fact that nearly three-quarters of Scots entertain the idea of commencing a new chapter amidst Scotland’s breathtaking coastal and rural landscapes. This role not only makes that aspiration attainable but also launches the candidate into a profoundly fulfilling career trajectory within aviation. What more could one desire?”

Offering an insider’s perspective, Jamie Beatson, an Air Traffic Controller currently employed at HIAL’s Dundee Airport, shared, “The beauty of this profession lies in its inherent diversity. Our days transition fluidly from orchestrating light aircraft in the vicinity to managing an influx of jet traffic. Every day is an opportunity to stay agile.”

Spanning the expanse from Dundee to John O’Groats, HIAL oversees the stewardship and operations of 11 airports, many nestled within Scotland’s most picturesque and secluded enclaves. Notably, the renowned Barra Airport within the Outer Hebrides stands as the sole global instance where scheduled flights employ a tidal beach as their runway.

To glean a deeper understanding of life at HIAL, visit the HIAL Careers page for comprehensive insights. Moreover, immerse yourself in the firsthand accounts of the existing team through HIAL’s latest YouTube video, illuminating their pivotal role in upholding the essential lifelines that foster community connections.

For additional information or to submit an application for this role, kindly navigate to hijobs.net/airtraffic.

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