Indonesian Wildlife Receives Boost from UK Charity with Animal Ambulance for Pangolins, Orangutans and Sun Bears

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:26 pm

Gloucestershire-based animal welfare charity, Naturewatch Foundation, has announced Jakarta Animal Aid Network in Indonesia as the recipient of their £10,000 World Animal Day Grant.

The funding will enable JAAN to purchase a mobile veterinary clinic, which is much needed in order to reach and treat animals around Bali, Java and Sumatra. This will include sterilising large numbers of stray animals in remote areas, treating and moving animals confiscated from cruelty cases, transporting wildlife between JAAN’s centres on different islands, and releasing rehabilitated animals back into their natural habitats.

Femke Den Haas, Co-founder and Field Coordinator at JAAN, said: “This grant allows us at JAAN to treat animals in areas very isolated and far, who else would have been left to suffer. It allows us to bring rescued animals to safety and treat rescued animals quickly, increasing their survival chances. We are really grateful to be the winners of the World Animal Day grant.”

Two other applicants have been awarded smaller awards from the enhanced grant this year. Cape Animal Welfare Forum in South Africa will run a compassion fatigue workshop for animal welfare workers from their 58 member organisations and Swaziland Animal Welfare Society will distribute 10,000 educational leaflets, listing how to properly care for animals, in rural areas where residents have little to no awareness on the issue.

Sarah Carr, CEO of Naturewatch Foundation and coordinator of World Animal Day, said: “As the coordinators of World Animal Day, Naturewatch Foundation was excited to double the annual grant to £10,000 this year! Our supporters care about ALL animals – they will be delighted that their contributions will aid rescue and rehabilitation efforts over 7,000 miles away. It’s lovely to think that, from here in Gloucestershire, our work is helping animals such as long-tail macaques, orangutans, bears and turtles, as well as dogs and cats!”

Naturewatch Foundation encourages everyone to play their part on World Animal Day, October 4, by submitting an event or getting involved in other resources available on their website.

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