Impact Travel Group Strengthens Educational and Sustainable Travel with Addition of Camps International

Impact Travel Group, a leading provider of educational and experiential travel, has recently announced its merger with Camps International, a UK-based student travel organization. Founded in 2002 by Stuart Rees Jones in Ringwood, United Kingdom, Camps International has made a significant impact over the past two decades, collaborating with more than 1,000 schools and positively influencing the lives of over 50,000 young people.

Camps International’s mission is to create and enhance essential infrastructure while bringing real-world issues into the classroom through its educational program, ‘Real World Studies’. Over the years, the social enterprise’s focus has expanded to include food and water conservation, wildlife conservation, and housing and welfare in underdeveloped and vulnerable communities around the world.

“We are driven by our strong sense of purpose for our travelers, partner communities, and the planet,” says Stuart Rees Jones. “This characterizes our foundation and determines every aspect of the way we operate.”

Camps International will join the prestigious Impact Travel Group, a collective of educational and experiential travel brands that provide transformative experiences. “Our group offers educational travel to deliver positive experiences through personal growth and individual transformation,” explains James Scott, Co-Founder of Impact Travel Group. “This is underpinned by a mix of cultural and environmentally sustainable education, service learning, and personal challenge.”

Camps International will join other renowned student travel organizations in the Impact Travel Group, such as Raleigh International, African Impact, Roots Internships for Good, and Kaya Responsible Travel. Each of these brands is mission-driven and believes that student travel and international education can create a better world by nurturing conscientious global citizens.

“We are excited to join the Impact Travel Group, which will support Camps in informing and inspiring more students globally,” says Stuart Rees Jones. “This merger will also provide a greater menu of quality programs for our students and alumni. We are truly an organization dedicated to our mission, and every single member of our staff has been involved in this merger.”

Stuart Rees Jones will assume the role of CEO in the Impact Travel Group. The group’s primary focus is to expand its market and target specific growth in non-traditional destinations, as well as to increase the accessibility of its programs to a larger and more diverse generation of meaningful travelers.

Camps International is a social enterprise that prioritizes philanthropy along with profits. They operate a permanent network of international camps in rural communities and wildlife conservation areas across Latin America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. These camps are strategically located in areas with high poverty levels and significant environmental and wildlife conservation challenges. By employing locals to build, staff, and supply their camps, Camps International creates employment opportunities and supports local communities. Their projects include constructing school classrooms, providing drinking water, and promoting terrestrial and marine wildlife conservation, reforestation, environmental education, and microfinance initiatives.

Camps International is committed to delivering life-changing ethical and experiential travel expeditions. To learn more, visit their website at

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