For a decade now, one of the best, most cost-effective ways a business could increase its revenues was through upgrading and solidifying their presence online. This has only become more true over the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic putting large numbers of people in lockdown.

Now, a clear plurality of business owners sees their website as the main portal through which they can increase their revenues. And if you’re a business owner, the same is likely true for you too.

This is why we’re going to go through some of the main ways you can upgrade your business website in this article. We’ve decided to choose methods that are simple, don’t require a lot of technical knowledge, and have excellent returns. Read on and find out!

#1 Upgrade the Theme of Your Website

One of the main elements of your website that gets old quickly is the theme. Much like the fashion world, people who use the internet to do most of their shopping recognize old designs and outdated themes very quickly. And this is one of the main things that puts people off from buying your products/services.

Depending on the CMS/development platform you use, changing up the theme and updating the colour scheme and main elements of your website is not only easy, but it requires almost no technical knowledge. This is why it is a good first step to take.

And even if you want to go all the way and create an excellent, unique design for your website in some designing app like Photoshop, you can easily apply it to your website with an XD to WP conversion service.

#2 Create a Way to Consistently Contact Interested Clients

Although the primary way you drive up sales with a website is by providing a portal for interested people to purchase your products/services organically without any marketing on your part, this isn’t the only way to drive up sales.

And one of the best ways you can market your products online, contact interested people, and drive up sales is by creating a voluntary newsletter/promotional offers people can make use of only after submitting their contact details.

By adding this feature to your website, you’ll get a long list of emails that you can contact with promotional material, new product releases, changes in product/service specifications, and much more. The possibilities are limitless, and the cost of implementing the feature is almost nil.

#3 Add Ways for Easy Communication

It is really important to earn customers’ trust because once earned, you can rely on that customer to engage in a lot of return purchases and drive up your company’s revenue. The old 80:20 rule holds in the business world as well — 80% of a company’s revenues come from 20% of the customers, and it is absolutely imperative to earn and retain the trust of that 20%.

An excellent way you can do this is by facilitating communication channels between you and your clients. Aside from the traditional methods like phone calls and emails, chatbots and feedback forms are absolutely invaluable in learning what your customers think and how you can provide better services.

And what’s more? These features are extremely easy to implement.