How to Cover a Patio: 8 Options to Consider

Last Updated on: 7th June 2024, 02:38 pm

The warm months are once again here, and so is the time to kick back and relax outside. 

However, nothing spoils a good afternoon outdoors than a sudden shower or high temperatures and UV radiation. Hence, covering your patio is not really an option but a must if you want protection from the elements and uninterrupted comfort.

With that being said, let’s explore some of the best options to do so.

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A popular and effective way to cover your patio. Umbrellas offer shade and protection from direct sunlight, with the added benefit of easy installation. 

Additionally, you have a wide range of options to choose from, and pretty much every single one can be adjusted to provide shade exactly where you need it. Umbrellas such as cantilevers provide plenty of flexibility if you fancy something different from traditional ones. 

Overall, each single option is affordable and can cover your patio pretty effectively. Moreover, you can enjoy your patio without having to worry about permanent installation.

Retractable Awnings

Really convenient if you want to enjoy both the shade or sunlight at your own leisure. You can choose among motorised or manual models, each of which is attached to your exterior wall and then extends over the patio. 

Those who’re into tweaking and customisation will find it pleasant that, again, you have plenty of options to choose from. Some awnings include features like built-in lights, heaters, and even wind sensors. 

Overall, they do come in various sizes, colours and materials, which makes it easy to choose the perfect model that goes along with your home’s architecture or landscape design.


Another interesting option that is essentially a freestanding structure consisting of vertical posts supporting an open lattice or slatted roof. They may provide partial or full shade, as well as add architectural interest to patios.

Pergolas are highly customisable as well. Typically made from durable materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl, they easily fit in with any exterior design.

Moreover, if you add some climbing plants, such as vines or roses, you can have an even better result. Lastly, opt for some outdoor curtains if you need to enhance your privacy or some extra shade.


Another freestanding structure which has a solid roof and open sides. 

Gazebos is an enclosed space which also offers shelter from the elements, and a nice spot for rest and relaxation. Furthermore, it can be ideal for dining or an entertainment area, or simply a place where to have heart-to-heart conversations with family and friends. 

Again, highly customisable option, as it can feature benches, dining tables, screens and outdoor LED lighting. Either octagonal or rectangular, gazebos are usually made out of wood or vinyl, but also sometimes from metal.

Lastly, if you want to create a charming yet functional area for the entire family that also covers your patio, then this is your choice. Opt for landscape services or licensed handymen for professional installation. 

Solid Patio Covers

These are permanent structures that are attached to your exterior wall. The solid roof covers your patio, and once more, you have plenty of styles and options to choose from here. Wood, aluminium and vinyl are just some of the possibilities, for example. 

Solid patio covers offer maximum protection against the elements. Their extended durability will offer shelter and require minimal maintenance on your part. Again highly customisable, as you can opt for LED outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, and even skylights if you need additional light.

Shade Sails

Think ship sails here because that’s exactly what they look like. Spread over the top of your patio, these clever and stylish models add visual interest and UV protection, meaning you can enjoy summertime cocktails or barbeques even when the sun’s at its strongest. 

Shade sails are highly versatile in style, colour and shape, allowing you to create the most custom configuration in your outdoor space. Furthermore, they’re quite easy to install and maintain, and they don’t cost as much as the other options. All this makes them a worthy consideration for patio covers.

Solid Roof Structures

Another selection, which insulates the patio and protects it from the elements. It’s permanent but durable and made out of materials such as insulated panels, aluminium, or polycarbonate, to name a few. 

If you live in an area with capricious weather, then this is well worth considering as it offers superior protection from rainwater, storms, even strong winds and high UV radiation.

Again, solid roof structures are attached to your home’s exterior wall. Add a ceiling fan to combat the heat in the summer, as well as LED lighting and skylight, and enjoy your time outdoors.

Outdoor Curtains

Another budget-friendly option, these patio covers also add privacy and shade. You hung them from pergolas and gazebos as well to create a soft and flowing canopy overhead. 

While they come in plenty of colours and patterns, you might want to consider weather-resistant options to combat sun exposure and rainwater.

Overall, you have no trouble selecting specific outdoor curtains that complement your patio’s style and design. Go with what feels right and complements your existing parameters to create an area that invites you to drink tea, chill and relax.


Well, there you go! Now that you are familiar with what kinds of patio covers are out there, you can easily name the option which sounds most prudent to you. 

One quick word of advice – remember to select at least three models before you commit to a decision. Consider their separate characteristics carefully and whether they cover all the bases in terms of style, functionality, and maintenance needs. And if they all do, then go with your gut. 

Opt for the most beautiful patio cover you can afford and enjoy the warmer months together with your family and friends! 

Lastly, call landscape and garden designers or licensed handymen to ensure professional and timely installation. Their expertise can prove invaluable and also speed things up so you have more summer days to enjoy the outdoors together with your family and friends!

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