7 Clever Tea and Pastry Pairings Perfect for the Spring Season

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:35 pm

Spring season is around the corner, and tea is a popular drink during this time of the year. The popularity of this type of drink is linked to the fact that spring is usually characterized by rain and sometimes high temperatures. Most people enjoy taking tea with a friend or alone while relaxing. These teas are a great drink option because they have significant health and mental health benefits. While you can take these teas without any accompaniment, it is always better to pair them with some pastries with spring flavors. Below are some popular teas and their ideal pastry pastings for spring.

Black tea with creamy pastries

This type of drink pairs exceptionally well with creamy pastries like carrot cake, cheesecake, and tiramisu. However, if your drink features a distinct flavor profile, then a complementary flavor of pastries would be ideal. In such a case, a dessert that resonates with the drink’s aroma would also be great. You will find that darker blends tend to be richer in flavor. Therefore, you may want to go with equally decadent pastries. You can also pair delicate black drink with white or milk chocolate cakes.

White tea with light cookies

This drink pairs perfectly with equally light cookies. The cookies need to have a light flavor that will not overpower the taste of the drink. Note that this drink features a subtle flavor profile, making it hard to pair with food or pastries. If you choose a dessert with an overwhelming taste, then the drink will taste like water.

Green tea with lightly flavored pastries

When looking for the best pastry pairing for this drink, you need to consider the region from where it was sourced. This is because the regional origin of the drink significantly affects the drink’s flavor. For instance, Japanese green drinks like bancha and matcha tend to pair well with chocolate mousse. On the other hand, Chinese green drink blends like gunpowder and jasmine pair incredibly with shortbread. This is because these Chinese blends are usually lighter. However, regardless of the blend and the region from which the green drink is sourced, this drink type is usually less oxidized than its counterparts (black tea). This means that it would be wiser to go with delicate flavors when you choose the best pastry pairings. The trick is to make sure the pastry flavors do not overwhelm the drink flavor.

If you enjoy fruity green tea, then the perfect pastry pairing would be a croissant. This type of green drink pairs well with unsweetened pastries because it already has many flavors, and sweetened treats would be too much. A croissant also makes a perfect balance between sweet and savory tastes.

Strawberry ginger herbal drink with sweet macaroons

This type of drink pairs well with macarons. Macaroons are made with egg whites, ground almonds, and sugar. They usually have a layer of buttercream and ganache in the middle. These pastries are typically sweet and may not pair well with any other type of drink. With strawberry ginger herbal drink, you do not have to worry that the macarons would overpower the drink flavor. The drink features the sweetness of the strawberry and the interesting and contrasting flavor from ginger. However, if you are into macarons with a delicate flavor, then the clever thing to do would be pair them with white drink.

Oolong with sweet-flavored pastries

This type of drink pairs perfectly with fruits and pastries with naturally sweet flavors. This is because oolong drink is a midpoint between black and green drink when it comes to taste. It could pair well with peach cobblers and chocolate cakes, preferably with rosewater icing. You can also choose to go the daring way with kiwi tarts.

Chai tea

This type of drink pairs incredibly with scones. The main reason is that the two products feature interesting spice notes that complement each other perfectly. You can pair this drink with flavored scones. If you decide to take this route, then apple scones would be incredible. This pairing would be perfect because the cinnamon in chai drink and the apple flavor complements each other well.

Pu-erh tea

This type of drink usually features a strong flavor. It is generally taken as a cure for digestive challenges. Therefore, most people serve this type of drink at the end of a feast. Regardless of the time you choose to serve it, the ideal pastry pairing for Pu-erh drink would be pastries with spices and herbs. You want to pair it with something spicy so that you can blend it perfectly with its strong flavor. The best option would be lavender lemon cookies or cakes. You can also pair ripe Pu-erh tea with dark chocolate cake or mouse. The combination of dark and earthy tastes would make a great taste in your mouth.

Rooibos tea

This drink is a naturally sweet and caffeine-free herbal drink. This means that it would pair well with citrus, nutty, and other tropical flavors. Pairing rooibos drink with lemon bars, macaroons, peanut butter blondies, or pistachio cake pops would be a clever and wise choice. The different flavors complement each other excellently, and neither is too strong for the other.

Final word

Before you can think about tea and pastry pairings, you first have to purchase the teas. You can buy these teas in loose leaf tea or tea bags from an online tea and coffee shop. Make sure you research the shop properly before you make a purchase. In spring, you can experiment with different flavors and pastry options with your tea and coffee.  

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