Do you struggle to attract the right level of talent for your job openings? If so, it could be partially down to the benefits, or lack of them, that you’re offering that’s the problem.

These days, employees not only want, but they expect a certain level of benefits within the workplace. So, if you aren’t providing them and your competitors are, where do you think those potential employees are going to want to work?

Here, we’ll look at how the right work benefits can attract potential employees.

Flexible working hours

By far one of the most popular perks you can offer to employees is flexible working hours. It’s worth noting here that offering flexible working could actually be a legal requirement so it’s worth understanding employee rights regarding flexi-working if you’re not currently in the know.

According to a study carried out by Fractl, the presence of flexible working hours can attract up to 88% of applicants. They are particularly popular amongst parents and millennials. Offering employees, the opportunity to work from home at least one day a week or giving them more holidays will certainly attract a much better pool of job candidates.

Health and wellbeing benefits

Health and wellbeing benefits are one of the newest types of perks employees have come to expect. Health insurance is a particularly sought-after perk given how expensive health care can be these days.

Dental plans, free fruit in the office, work-based gyms and fitness activities are all great health and wellbeing perks you can introduce into the workplace.

Financial incentives

One type of perk that’s going to attract a lot of job applicants, is financial incentives. A lot of people today struggle financially. The trouble is, financial concerns can have a direct impact on how productive employees are. So, providing some form of financial employee benefits is going to help you not only attract a better range of job applications, but also retain your existing staff.

You can provide financial training, offer early access salary-linked loans and offer support to those who are currently struggling.

A good retirement package

As the cost of living has increased and the wages are pretty much remained the same, it’s causing a lot of concern for those trying to save towards their pensions. A staggering number of employees aren’t going to have enough to live off once they finish work. So, offering a great retirement package is sure to help you attract a larger number of job applicants.

The above are just some of the employee perks that will help you to attract potential employees. Remember, the more you look after your employees, the more loyal, productive and motivated they’re going to be.