Is Your Home Your Biggest Enemy: Dealing With Allergies at Home

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:39 am

Oftentimes people develop allergies, however, they are not necessarily environmental. Your body can react to more things than blossoming trees, certain flowers, grass, etc. found in nature. The nature’s fault in allergies is inevitable, but you can develop allergies at your own home, without having any trees or flowers near. The reasons are many and you should keep them on your mind the next time you procrastinate the cleaning routines.

Keeping your home clean is not only beneficial to its look, but it can prevent health issues. Dirty surfaces, contaminated with dust, mold, pollen and other allergens, can lead to the development of allergies by any family member. Cleaning is definitely necessary in every home, so we wanted to give you an idea of how things can turn around and cause you health issues, just because you neglected the cleaning of your tiles or carpets. Here are the most popular allergies around the globe. At the end of this article, you will find some other useful tips for keeping your home clean and, most importantly – safe.

Dust Allergies

Dust mites are most often culpable for a great per cent of people’s dust allergies. These little enemies feed off the moisture in your rooms and the accumulated dust. If you have any type of dust allergy, your symptoms might not go away for years. Red nose, sneezing, eyes issues (redness, itchiness) and cough are the most common symptoms that should signal you the presence of dust anywhere near you.

Starting from your bedroom, you need to take care of its look, if you want to minimize the presence of dust and dust mites. Then, continue with the other rooms and repeat the same steps. Begin with removing the drapes and/or any curtains, as they accumulate great amounts of dust. Make sure the humidity in all rooms is decreased to the minimum, because you don’t want to give food to those dusty mites. For the bedroom is necessary to keep in your mind to change the dirty linen frequently (at least once a week, pillowcases even more often) and wash it in hot water, to make sure dead skin cells, dust mites and microbes are gone for good. A mattress case is also preferable for people with allergies. A must-do is the usage of a mask when you are cleaning, because movement tends to spread dust and other allergens, which makes it easier for the particles to reach you.

Dust mites, unfortunately, are not the only ones who can trigger the symptoms of dust allergies. Cockroaches, mold, pollen and animal hairs (including fur) can also worsen your condition. Make sure you don’t have cockroaches at home. As for the other animals, most commonly cats and dogs, if you have an allergy to their fur and hairs, or dander, but you still cannot imagine them gone, you should seek doctor’s help and purchase medicine which can make you deal with the problem easier.

Mold Allergies

Mold appears because of the development of certain types of fungi. They also love humidity and running water. Cough, sneezing, irritated eyes, runny nose, itchy throat and nasal congestion are the most common symptoms to this illness. Cleaning mold is very important as this allergy can worsen other sicknesses. It can be cleaned very easy and the prevention of mold growing is not that hard either.

When you find spilled liquid, make sure to wipe it right away – this can prevent the appearance of mold. Purchasing dehumidifiers and/or opening a window wherever and whenever possible are some of the methods that can help you minimize the humidity in every room. Refrigerator drip pans and garbage cans must be regularly cleaned, because mold tends to appear there as well.


The main reason cockroaches are also part of our list is the fact that their feces contain asthma triggers. You want to get rid of cockroaches not only because of that, but because these nasty insects don’t belong to any home. Water, spread food, dirty dishes, greasy appliances, wall cracks and floor gaps must not be a part of your interior if you want a cockroaches-free home environment.


If you have an allergy or you want to avoid its development, you should follow the before mentioned tips.

Not only that dirty interior surfaces at home can cause allergies, but many allergens can worsen asthma and other medical conditions. This is the last thing you want your home to do to you.

Allergies are easier to develop in little kids and young adults. Their immune systems are not so used to the environment, not only outside, but inside as well.

If your vacuum is too old, or you notice that it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, get rid of it! Collecting dirty particles, dead skin cells, pet hairs, dust and many other microorganisms, is the basic job of this appliance, and if it does not do it good, it doesn’t deserve to be kept.

As we promised from the beginning, here are our fast tenancy cleaning tips you should adopt and never neglect if you want a completely clean and safe home environment:

Heating and cooling vents, radiators, air conditioning and similar interior elements, must be cleaned regularly as well. Dust and mold can also accumulate there.

Cleaning products purchased online or elsewhere, can, and probably do, contain many substances which can worsen your allergies. A good substitute of expensive and filled with chemicals cleaning products is to make your own cleaner at home. Make sure its ingredients are not allergens, too. The Internet offers many homemade cleaners’ recipes, so you have a good variety of choices, when it comes to cleaning all-natural.

No smoking! Even if you are a smoker yourself, avoid smoking at home. Not only that the residue can result in your siblings or partner, but it also builds-up on the interior surfaces, the result of which is never pleasant.

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