Harvard Professor Claims Aliens Could Be Accessing Our World Through Other Dimensions in Upcoming Film About God vs. UFOs

On December 18th, award-winning film-maker Guy Thompson will be releasing his newest documentary, God Versus UFOs, on Tubi and Amazon Prime. The film will explore the paranormal side of UFOs, looking at the possibility of links between the phenomena and the mysterious world of quantum physics.

Notable figures featured in the documentary include: Prof Avi Loeb (Harvard), Nick Pope (from hit TV show Ancient Aliens), Yvette Fielding (Most Haunted), Guy Thompson (presenter), Evelyn Hollow (BBC’s Uncanny), Ian Broadmore (Demonologist), John Hanson (Great British UFO Learning Centre), Rev Daniel Thompson & Philip Kinsella (author).

The documentary also looks into Project Blue Beam, a conspiracy theory alleging that the deep state or Illuminati are planning to use cutting edge holographic technology to create a false flag Alien Invasion or a fake flag second coming of Christ. Nick Pope, who worked for the UK’s Ufo desk at the Ministry Of Defence, commented on the theory:

“the idea that through a combination of maybe holographic projection technology, Hollywood special effects and government or deep state spin and manipulation, you could create a false narrative a false flag alien invasion or a false flag second coming. And what this would then do, it would rather like some people say, well, 9-11 led to the introduction of the Patriot Act and the big state, deep state coming in and maybe taking some rights and freedoms, then use it to manipulate populations and the new world order takes over.”

The film also looks at whether UFOs could be some form of inter dimensional craft/beings that humanity has been interacting with since time began. Prof Avi Loeb from Harvard University believes that alien life might be using other dimensions to visit us, while parapsychologist Evelyn Hollow suggests that quantum physics could explain ghosts and UFOs.

The documentary will also look at those who have claimed to have manifested the appearance of UFOs simply by using their own minds. John Hanson, a retired CID detective and now owner of The Great British UFO Learning Centre, claims that he and a group of friends actually manifested Orb-like UFOs whilst meditating in Rendelsham Forest, which was the site of one of the most famous UK UFO landings back in 1980. The film will also include an account by renowned Demonologist Ian Broadmore, who worked alongside Rev Paul Ingolsby on Admiral Lord Hill Norton’s report into UFOs which stated that they were demonic in origin.

God Versus UFOs is now available to watch on Tubi and Amazon Prime.

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