Goldtree Reserve Bolsters Cargo Security with Enhanced Emirates Sky Cargo Alliance

Last Updated on: 17th January 2024, 06:52 pm

Goldtree Reserve, a key figure in the gold trade sector, is pleased to announce a crucial development in its approach to cargo transportation. In a strategic effort to further mitigate risks and assure the security of its valuable cargo, Goldtree Reserve’s licensed entity has established that the licensed exporter will now distribute its gold cargo across three Emirate Sky Cargo planes for each trade, moving away from the earlier practice of using a single plane.

This transformative decision is a component of Goldtree Reserve’s Licensed entity’s continuous commitment to enhancing the safety and reliability of its operations. Spreading the gold cargo across several planes significantly reduces the risk involved in transporting this precious cargo from Ghana to Dubai. In the rare event of an incident like a plane crash, the impact would be limited to only 33% of the gold cargo, providing a robust plan to minimise potential losses.

“This new arrangement signifies a remarkable step forward in our commitment to the security and integrity of our operations,” said Jacob Moore, Founder & CEO at Goldtree Reserve. “By distributing our Gold cargo across three planes, we are not only minimising risk but also ensuring a more resilient approach to any unforeseen circumstances during transit.”

This move has received positive feedback from all parties involved in Goldtree Reserve’s gold trade operations. Clients and stakeholders now have increased assurance in the company’s proactive measures to safeguard their investments.

Goldtree Reserve’s licensed entity is set to further enhance its cargo security measures. Throughout 2024, the entity plans to increase the number of planes to five, emphasising its dedication to delivering a secure and reliable gold trading experience.

Committed to innovation and continual improvement in its operations, Goldtree Reserve’s licensed entity’s choice to implement a multi-plane distribution system reflects a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of security and operational efficiency in the gold trade.

After a tremendously successful year in 2023, Goldtree Reserve proudly acknowledges its accomplishments, especially the stellar performance of its investment program during a time when gold prices reached unprecedented heights. This success not only reinforces Goldtree Reserve’s position as a leading entity in the market but also marks it as an appealing choice for High Net Worth clients aiming to protect and enhance their wealth under dynamic market conditions.

With the global demand for gold intensifying, propelled by economic uncertainties and the allure of physical assets, Goldtree Reserve stands out as a trustworthy and profitable option for investors seeking to capitalise on the rising value of gold.

This achievement strengthens Goldtree’s standing as a leader in the industry and positions its platform as a desirable option for discerning investors.

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