God vs. Aliens: New UFO Film Suggests Life May Be a Computer Game Controlled By Extra-Terrestrials

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:01 pm

A new documentary, God Versus Aliens, is now streaming on Tubi and Ayozat, exploring the Simulation Theory and its potential implications on religion and society.

The theory, which was proposed by Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom in 2003, suggests that life is a computer simulation designed and controlled by extra terrestrials. It has gained support from notable figures including Elon Musk, who believes the odds of us living in a “real” physical reality are a billion to one.

The documentary features exclusive interviews with some of the world’s leading UFO experts, including Nick Pope – who used to run the UK’s UFO desk for the Ministry of Defence. Other interviewees include Professor Avi Loeb of Harvard University, Seth Shostak the Chief Astronomer from SETI (Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) and Tony Topping, an alleged UFO abductee.

The film investigates evidence for previous visitations from the Bible and other ancient texts, as well as exploring what role AI would have in the search for ET and whether alien life would also use AI to make contact with ourselves.

Professor Avi Loeb suggests that extra terrestrial AI may form a kinship with human AI and bypass humanity altogether.

The film’s release comes amid recent revelations by DOD whistleblowers about the US government holding crashed “non human” craft and bodies, as reported in The Guardian, The Telegraph and Newsweek magazine this week.

Highlights of the film include an interview with Tony Topping, who claims to have been taken by aliens since childhood. He believes there are many types of aliens and that “the universe is populated and we are being lied to.”

God Versus Aliens is now streaming on Tubi and Ayozat.

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