Fourth Year in London is an Incredible Milestone for Oita!

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 11:02 pm

Discover the beauty and culture of Japan’s Oita Prefecture, home to some of the world’s best hot springs, with the help of the dedicated tourist desk set up in London four years ago by the Oita Prefectural Government.

Beyond its world-class spa culture, Oita is a haven for art, history, natural beauty, cuisine and an incredibly friendly welcome. Two of the prefecture’s best-known hot springs can be found in the seaside town of Beppu and the cultural hub of Yufuin.

Beppu is a sight to behold, with the mountains coming close to the shoreline and steam billowing into the air from natural vents. The city specialises in several styles of onsen, including the unique black sand bath. Yufuin, on the other hand, is a pretty town of art galleries, chic cafes and trendy boutiques. It also has an exquisite onsen culture and hosts several major art and literature festivals every year.

The Tour de Kyushu, a new annual road-bike race, will be held across the island for the first time in October 2023. The race will run through Oita during its third and final stage, with a highlight being a high-speed sprint on a descent of 700m before circling the picturesque centre of the town of Hita.

Oita is also home to the popular Farm Stay, a cosy night spent in the house of a welcoming host family at a range of charming working farms. Guests can learn about local produce, explore the environment, and even learn to cook delicious meals using fresh-picked ingredients.

Accessible from mainland Japan via Oita Airport, train from Hiroshima to Fukuoka, or an overnight ferry departing from Osaka or Kobe, visitors can experience a luxurious cruise on Japan’s first LNG-fuelled ferry, the Sunflower Kurenai or Sunflower Murasaki.

The Oita desk in London is available to answer any questions or requests, in French or English.

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