2020: Marketing Campaign Tips and Trends

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:58 pm

We are now in the 2nd decade of the 21st century and Marketing has never moved and changed so quickly, it is fast paced especially when brain-storming new marketing campaigns, suddenly out of the blue, new technology, or new facts come to the fore and everything changes ! 

Almost on a monthly basis new trends appear that can transform overnight the way in which we attract, connect and market to our customer base. 

Keeping up with new trends in our marketing space is not always going to be enough, as new over arching methods come into play, we will need to be fleet of foot and fast paced to succeed in the Marketing World of the 21st century. We have to stay ahead of the general curve to be relevant. 

We have focused here on some of the key trends coming to the fore in 2020 to assist in our marketing campaigns, and whilst we may not yet all be in this mode yet, it is maybe a model where we could move our business/marketing focus to in the near future. 


Voice Search or Voice Enabled is undoubtedly rising in popularity it allows the User to use a voice command to scan the Internet, a website or an app, some of the more well known examples are Cortana, Siri, Alexa and Amazons Echo. Everyone from young to old are starting to get engaged with Voice Enabled systems, but it is in business that it is starting to transform the everyday mundane tasks, and in particular the marketing arena. 


THE use and integration into everyday businesses of chatbots has risen over the last few years and we expect the trend to grow ever faster as the potential is enormous, online chatbots save money and effort by automating customer support. The opportunities offered by chatbots (or AI Systems) go far beyond giving responses to customer enquiries, business and marketing tasks such as collecting information about our client base and building up our information management systems, and enabling targeting and segmenting, they can also be used to organise meetings and reduce overhead costs. More companies than ever are investing in chatbots and the market is growing exponentially. 


Extending towards personalisation trends and interactive content allows customers to use interactive content to preview brands and products before buying, for example in the home design arena, clients being able to upload a plan of their room, putting furniture, window dressings, cushions etc into room sets, changing colours etc to design their own home, this type of opportunity can fit across many industries and brands it has proved to be hugely successful for many reasons, the most obvious of these is it allows customers to see how the product will look in their own environment before paying money and taking the chance, which of course helps incentivise sales, there are any number of industries this could be an excellent digital marketing tool to grow a business in the future, from hair and beauty, home interiors, garden design and sporting apparel to name just a few. 


The trend towards automating marketing campaigns and newsletters is a growing phenomenon, they allow for better customisation and targeting and can be done more frequently, the return value 

tends to have increased opportunities four fold. Transitioning to the new automated system ensures a smoother, smarter and efficient approach that can be fine tuned further as time goes on. 


Over the next few years we can expect a much higher density of video content on the web. It’s been proven that people react much better to visuals, which leaves much less space for written text. Websites will rank much higher if they contain a certain percentage of videos. It is predicted that these percentages will continue to rise in the future, putting the main focus on videos and images. 


Marketing is at the very heart of every successful business. Marketing trends are continually changing in response to the huge amounts of new information available and the expansion of technology. The ability of a company to constantly adapt, upgrade and change their activities is the key to the future success of their business. 

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