Fabio D’Andrea Receives Support from Film and Music Industries for Shocking Music Videos Starring Mel B, Russell Tovey, Rose Leslie, and Other Stars

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:31 am

Today marks the launch of an exciting new concept at the contemporary Brunswick Art Gallery in central London. The gallery will be hosting an exhibition of films and piano tracks by composer Fabio D’Andrea in a groundbreaking showcase of a visual album.

Titled “24”, Fabio’s collection is a set of 24 piano pieces that represent each major and minor chromatic key of the musical scale. What sets this collection apart is that each piano piece is accompanied by its own music video, making it the first-ever classical video album. These films tackle various contemporary issues, such as domestic abuse (Mel B), disability (Rose Leslie), and mental health (Russell Tovey), with powerful messages conveyed through the theme of ‘masks’.

Fabio expresses his enthusiasm for the exhibition, stating, “I am absolutely thrilled that Brunswick Art Gallery is exhibiting ’24’ in this manner. It’s incredibly progressive and blurs the boundaries between art and music in an unexpected way. I am excited to showcase the ‘big screen’ effect of my work to gallery visitors. I am truly passionate about reaching younger audiences and demonstrating that classical music can be enjoyed in many different ways.”

Each music video features renowned actors and dancers who share a passion for contemporary music and the arts, allowing them to showcase their exceptional acting abilities through the medium of dance. Spanning a wide spectrum of genres, the videos also feature dancers from esteemed institutions such as The Royal Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, and The London Contemporary Dance School, as well as leading commercial street-dance companies, all choreographed by some of the UK’s top choreographers.

One of the initial videos from the series, “The Sleeping Beauty,” directed by Fabio, has been showcased at numerous film festivals and has garnered over 20 international awards, including the esteemed ‘Best Music Video’ accolade at the LA Short Fest. Another video, “Love Should Not Hurt,” featuring Spice Girl Mel B, received unprecedented global media coverage. Natalie Dormer and Ellie Bamber are among the other notable actors who have participated in Fabio’s videos.

Overall, “24” is a visually stunning collection of videos accompanied by beautiful original piano music. Fabio aims to inspire younger generations and foster a newfound appreciation for contemporary dance and music. The videos depict a range of narratives, including social issues, cultural history, and visual celebrations of the natural world, making contemporary classical music accessible to a diverse global audience.

The exhibition can be viewed at Brunswick Art Gallery, located in Brunswick Square, WC1N 1AE, and is open from 11 am to 5:30 pm (4 pm on weekends).

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