There were 4.8 million crimes committed against business premises in England and Wales in 2015. As the years go by, security is becoming a top priority for businesses who want to make sure that their premises remain safe.

Here, alongside GPS Installations – specialists in CCTV systems Newcastle – we can help you make sure that your business is as safe and secure as it can be, with our helpful guide to keeping safe in the commercial environment.

Are your premises locked and secure?

Many businesses do not lock their windows and tend to leave them open, which means they are more susceptible to robberies. As a result, it is important that you double-check that all windows are fully closed before leaving the property at the end of a day. Be sure to close and lock roof lights too.

You should also make sure that all of the doors on-site are secure and locked. This may seem like an obvious point, but many people are convinced they have locked the door even when they haven’t. If you’re forgetful when it comes to locking doors, then you should install an access control system, which means that the door will automatically secure itself every time it’s closed.

Make sure you remain alert

It is wise to be vigilant if you want to ensure that your property isn’t at risk of criminal damage. Make sure that all members of staff are trained and that they’re able to spot any potential threats or dangers as soon as they appear, and these include any unfamiliar individuals as soon as they appear on-site.

Make sure you keep on top of the visitors that enter your premises. It’s important that you install a visitor management system that can allow you to monitor everyone who is inside and outside the building at one time.

Is out of sight out of mind?

Are items lying around your site that could be stolen; for example, you may have previous metals or other stock that is stored outside of a warehouse in a yard – if this is the case, then try to store them in a more secure location. To avoid this problem, then make sure that all items are locked away at the end of the day so that they aren’t catching the eye of passers-by.

Never underestimate CCTV

CCTV security can help improve the safety of your business’ premises as they become more advanced and technologically sophisticated.

Infra-red technologies are now being utilised within CCTV technologies, making them more advanced and more susceptible to detecting intruders on-site; these types of technologies are designed to offer perimeter protection as well as smart tracking features. As an added feature of safety, infra-red designs can monitor vehicles and personnel that have entered a protected area of your premises, from the moment they enter until they leave.