E Toro now has some stiff competition to contend with

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:41 pm

E Toro is the platform of choice for many investors, but now there’s a new option by The Portfolio Consultancy that’s got the investment world excited. People are calling it ‘E Toro on steroids’, and when you delve into their modus operandi, you can see why they have created such a storm.

Before looking at this new method making waves, first, let’s look at E Toro and why so many retail investors swear by it. They like the trading infrastructure that gives the opportunity for investors to be in control of their own trading accounts, linking and following other successful investor’s portfolios so they can mirror the successes of those with a great track record. 

They also like that it makes investing in oftentimes complex instruments simple for the everyday investor who doesn’t have time or knowledge to look at all the subtle nuances of a situation that may have a big impact on the outcome. Plus it allows investors all over the world to energise the performance of their investment portfolio.

But now there has been talk in the city around some up-and-coming new entities that have taken on board E Toro’s great business model and improved things even further to deliver a killer investment solution. It’s said to be so good, they’re calling it E Toro on Steriods, and it comes courtesy of The Portfolio Consultancy, or TPC.

TPC takes the same approach to trade copying as E Toro, working with several successful asset managers, UK brokers and fin-tech companies, but build on this by what’s said to be better pricing and strategies, which ultimately boils down to one hugely important advantage: better returns for clients.

For those who haven’t heard of them yet, TPC specialises in designing trading strategies and risk mitigation tactics for Asset Managers in the UK, strategies that previously were only available to a tiny percentage of investors. This year, however has been game-changing, with TPC making their strategies available for a monthly subscription fee, in which they can manage an investor’s portfolio by mirroring the trades done by some of the best Asset Managers in the business. 

With talk of them already delivering a superior rate of returns, E Toro look set to have some very stiff competition in 2020.

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