Domestic vs. Commercial Shredding

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:55 am

In today’s digital age, data protection has become a major concern for companies and individuals alike.

It’s important to note that domestic shredding may not always be as secure as commercial shredding. Whether in the office or at home, it may seem like a personal shredder can get the job done, however, your confidential information is at risk if it is not destroyed securely. Failing to securely dispose of confidential materials could mean non-compliance with data protection legislation.

Staying Compliant

Any security breaches, and subsequent loss of data, could be punished with hefty fines by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Changing from a shredder designed for domestic shredding to a commercial shredding provider, such as Restore Datashred, ensures your sensitive information is kept from falling into the wrong hands.

As the UK’s leading provider of confidential shredding services, Restore Datashred meets the highest standards of security for both domestic and commercial shredding, ensuring that your sensitive information stays safe and protected.

Their specialised equipment and processes ensure that documents are securely shredded to the highest shredding standard.

Additionally, their modern, secure collection and mobile-shredding vehicles, tracked by satellite and traffic management software, and driven by cleared and trained operatives, keep your data safe while heading to be shredded.

Sustainable Shredding

At Restore Datashred, they not only ensure that your confidential documents are securely disposed of, but they also have processes in place to ensure we recycle the shredded paper.

This means that not only are your confidential documents being securely disposed of, but the paper is also being recycled, reducing the impact on the environment. We’re committed to sustainability, which is why whether we’re undertaking domestic or commercial shredding, we aim to send 0% to landfill.

Not only do we aim to send 100% of the shreds to UK paper mills for recycling –we can do that up to seven times over– but we also offer a closed-loop system. I.e., one of our customers buys tissue from the paper mill that we supply with shreds from. A great example of the circular economy.

If you want to ensure that your sensitive information stays protected, it’s best to use a professional shredding service like Restore Datashred for both domestic and commercial shredding. Remember, failing to dispose of your confidential information correctly could lead to serious consequences.

At Restore Datashred, they understand the importance of data protection, and they’re committed to ensuring that your sensitive information stays safe and secure. Contact them today to learn more about their professional shredding services and how they can help you protect your confidential data.

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