Dartfish and Skylab EPA Join Forces to Launch Advanced Padel Analytics Product

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:58 pm

Dartfish, a prominent provider of video analysis solutions for sports, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Skylab EPA, a specialist firm in sports technology and performance analysis. Together, they are launching a powerful new product that enables Padel players and coaches to interact with detailed match data in a user-friendly manner, while also providing immediate access to automated video playlists.

This innovative product combines easily digestible data dashboards with video integration, offering customers a comprehensive solution. It will be available to users starting from May. The collaboration between Dartfish and Skylab EPA leverages the expertise of both companies to deliver a unique offering that caters to the needs of Padel practitioners, considering Padel’s rapid growth as the world’s fastest-growing sport.

Skylab EPA, the performance analysis division of Skylab, operates in the realms of digital technology, science, and coaching. Their products and services provide insights and cut through the noise of sports data, offering clarity and a deeper understanding of the game.

In partnership with Dartfish, Skylab EPA has made significant investments in infrastructure and resources to explore how their expertise can be applied to Padel. Recognising the great potential to support practitioners in pushing the limits of performance, they aim to establish efficient performance analysis practices and enhance the understanding of what elite Padel entails.

Valuable feedback from participating nations has confirmed that immediate impact can be made in the sport in the short term, contributing to the future competitiveness of Padel as it gains prominence and potentially moves towards an Olympic bid.

Laurent Wenker, CCO of Dartfish, emphasises the significance of the upcoming product, stating, “Coaches have traditionally identified key trends based on data and reports. By combining video with easy-to-understand dashboards, this forthcoming product will further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Padel coaches. We are excited to expand this product to different sports in collaboration with Skylab.”

Ciaran Skinner, Business Development Manager at Skylab, underscores the importance of context in making evidence-based decisions in sports. He states, “Skylab is thrilled to launch our first product in partnership with Dartfish, where we combine our Performance Analysis and Creative expertise with Dartfish’s trusted and robust video platform, which has already been validated by the market.”

The partnership launch marks a significant milestone for Skylab EPA, as they have recently ventured into Padel. Skylab revolutionises how elite sports teams and individuals interact, utilise, and visualise their data. By integrating performance analysis with industry-leading user experience and tailored software, partners gain the ability to make more informed decisions in sports.

Ciaran Skinner further explains, “Through crafted data visualisation, we empower athletes and coaches to better comprehend and communicate complex strategies, refine plays, and enhance decision-making skills.”

For further information, please contact Ciaran.skinner@skylab.com.

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