Daniel Craig revving up to be most bike-obsessed Bond of all time

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:04 am

No Time To Die will feature two new Triumph motorcycles – putting Craig in the saddle of ten bikes during his time as 007

Daniel Craig is set to become the biggest bike lover of all the Bonds when the new 007 movie hits screens on September 30.

Craig will mount two brand new motorcycles on his fifth outing as the M16 agent – hopping aboard a Triumph Tiger 900 and Scrambler 1200 during No Time To Die.

Using data from the Internet Movie Car Database, Vertu Motorcycles has pinpointed every motorcycle in the Bond flicks – with the research revealing a clear uptick in motorcycle usage across the franchise over time.

James Bond’ favourite bike brand.

When the 25th Bond installment is released at the end of the month, Craig will have officially steered 10 different bikes in total – trumping Pierce Brosnan’s eight.

Despite the Bond franchise’s reputation for cars and gadgets, Vertu’s research has shown that motorcycles have been a much bigger player in movies than many suggest.

Motorcycles were particularly prevalent in more recent scripts – with the use of bikes nearly tripling from the 1990s.

Two-wheeled vehicles made 17 appearances in 13 films during this decade – leaving many previously car-focused scenes in the dust.

Whilst Bond has largely favoured British cars over the course of the series, his taste in bikes is apparently much broader.

Nearly half (45.45 per cent) of all motorcycles in Bond films have actually been manufactured by Japanese companies.

For comparison, just 18.18 per cent of Bond bikes have been British.

Honda was revealed to be James Bond’s all-time favourite motorcycle – topping the list of twelve brands that have featured in the franchise so far.

It’s an interesting choice for Bond considering he has always been known for his flash vehicles, but the reliable Honda stands out as 007’s long-term favourite – featuring in five films to date.

Flashier motorcycle brands, BMW and Triumph, were second and third most popular, appearing in four and three Bond films respectively.

A Vertu Motorcycles spokesperson said: “It’s positive to see Bond’s penchant for motorcycles is increasing as we move through the decades.

“Not only does this help to shine a light on the impressive A-list appeal of a good quality motorcycle to viewers, but also that you don’t need to simply shop for speed to turn heads.

“Bond’s preference for Honda motorcycles shows us how varied he is in his bike selection. However, we are certain that the two new British-made Triumphs that are due to appear in the upcoming film are going to draw all the headlines.”

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