It’s official- The Portfolio Platform (TPP) is set to take off. This fast-growing business has just achieved a major milestone, closing their 1st fundraising round in record time, and beginning the next chapter of its disruptive 2.5 year old fintech journey.

The challenger Bank Monzo in 2016 conducted one of the most impressive funding rounds in history, amassing 1m GBP in mere 96 seconds.

The speed at which TPP conducted their fund raise is astonishing, but the figures behind it are even more staggering.

  • In no time, they had achieved their goal of 700K GBP.
  • In an astonishingly brief amount of time, the business amassed a tremendous sum of over 1 million pounds.
  • Just one day after the public offer, TPP had secured an incredible 200% funding and every single share of their 50,000 issue had been snapped up.

TPP has achieved an impressive increase, giving them the potential to remove more obstacles and expand their reach in the UK and throughout the world. Using this ‘growth pot’ correctly can help them to realise these goals.

Edward Davies from TPP shared his thoughts on their recent investment round. He recognised that traditional routes of venture capital weren’t the best choice for them at this point, and was delighted with how favourably their offer to clients was received. The initial investors have earned a lot of gratitude and the team are honoured by the response they’ve had. It’s been an unforgettable experience.

Lane Clark, one of the founders, commented on their plans for future growth.

We set out with the goal of giving investors the power to beat the market at an affordable cost. To accomplish this, we designed a product that would speak for itself and allow word to spread quickly.

2.5 years on, we are very pleased with our achievements and the fact that we have successfully served hundreds of customers in various countries. However, the true challenge lies ahead of us. Now is the time to grow The Portfolio Platform, realise some of the ideas we had in store and provide a great alternative for investors worldwide. We are eager to commence this next phase!

As a supporter of this business and its founders from the start, we anticipate seeing what will come next.

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To learn more about The Portfolio Platform, visit their website at

For further information on how the product operates, sign up for a complimentary demonstration here.

If you’d like to start trading, the first step is to open an account. The platform offers a range of features and provides excellent service for traders. All you have to do is visit our website, fill out the registration form, and within moments you’ll be ready to begin investing.

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