Customer Experience Live Show UK 2023 Reveals: 60% of Companies to Invest in CX Prioritisation by 2024

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:17 am

On 26-27 September 2023, the Hilton Syon Park in London played host to the UK’s leading Customer Experience Live Show, which was complemented by the release of the ‘Customer Experience Live Intelligence Report 2023’. According to the report, UK companies are increasingly committing to customer journey mapping as a tool to improve customer satisfaction and refine decision-making processes.

Scott Rolph, Global Head of Data Quality and Inventory Transformation of the BT Group, affirmed the importance of customer journey mapping, saying “We firmly believe that the customer journey sits at the heart of what we do, forming the compass that guides us toward unparalleled customer satisfaction, sustained growth, and operational excellence.”

The report further revealed that 68% of companies are ramping up their investment in customer journey mapping, with 62% re-evaluating Voice of Customer (VoC), 53% re-visiting AI strategies, and 40% actively enhancing their CRM systems. Additionally, 60% of companies in the region plan to make investments in CX solutions within one year and 62% are likely to see an increase in investment towards Digital Experience technology.

The Customer Experience Live Show UK 2023 aimed to provide organisations with future-facing digital CX strategies to help them achieve industry leadership. The event featured a diverse array of industry experts, thought leaders, and decision-makers, and speakers from BP, HSBC, GSK, Taj Hotels, Aramex, Centrica, Cushman & Wakefield, and Diageo, among others.

The Customer Experience Live Global Awards 2023 honoured prominent organisations such as Sky UK, Close Brothers Group, ALTANFEETHI, Asda, Etihad Airways, North Bristol NHS Trust, Formula E, Riyadh Airports Company, BT Group, Petromin, and Verint.

The event was sponsored by Verint, Zoom, Zendesk, iSON Xperiences, Cyara, and ForgeRock. Ayusha Tyagi, Managing Director of Customer Experience Live, said “In today’s dynamic landscape, understanding and fulfilling customer needs is paramount. The synergy of intelligent analytics and customer-centric strategies are the compass guiding us towards a future where customer satisfaction and enriching experience lie at the heart of every interaction.”

On Thursday 28 September, 2023, the UK’s Customer Experience Live Show and Intelligence Report 2023 provided organisations with the insights and strategies necessary to achieve industry leadership in the digital CX landscape. With a focus on customer journey mapping, Voice of Customer (VoC), AI strategies, and CRM systems, businesses are gearing up to make investments in CX solutions within the next year. The event culminated in the Customer Experience Live Global Awards, honouring prominent organisations in the field.

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