Crafting Feelings: Alastair Gibson’s Intricate Carbon Fibre Heart Sculptures

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:49 am

The human heart, a complex organ that symbolises our emotions, is brought to life in Alastair Gibson‘s stunning sculptures. Using his expertise as a former chief mechanic in Formula One, Gibson creates anatomically accurate representations of the heart using carbon fibre and other materials. His collection, titled Engineered Emotion, explores the connection between the heart and mind, delving into the origins and expression of our emotions.

Gibson’s attention to detail is evident in his meticulous construction of the heart sculptures. The left and right ventricles are crafted from layered carbon fibre sheets, mimicking the tissues and membranes of the heart wall. Meanwhile, the atriums, arteries, and veins are composed of ABS, a durable material known for its impact resistance. This combination of materials reflects Gibson’s background in engineering and his deep understanding of the heart’s physiology.

Emotions may be generated in the brain, but they are often felt in the heart. Gibson’s sculptures capture this palpable connection, evoking a sense of emotion through their intricate design. The Engineered Emotion collection consists of five limited-edition iterations, each representing a specific sentiment. The vibrant colours, including red, purple, gold, white, and pink, effortlessly convey the intended emotions such as passion, bravery, purity, and sweetness.

To enhance the visual appeal of the sculptures, Gibson applies a tinted UV resistant coating to the ventricles, giving them a luminous quality. Additionally, he offers bespoke versions of his deskmounted sculptures, recognising that each individual’s emotional landscape is unique. Drawing inspiration from his years in Formula One, Gibson incorporates titanium fuel and hydraulic fittings from modern Grand Prix race cars into his sculptures, adding a touch of dynamism and connecting the human heart to the racing tracks he knows so well.

“A human heart is the ultimate pump,” says Gibson, emphasising the sophistication and design of this vital organ. By taking care of our hearts and considering the breadth of human experience, we can ensure their longevity. Gibson’s sculptures provide us with a glimpse into the self, revealing the hidden intricacies of an organ that plays a fundamental role in our lives.

While the Engineered Emotion hearts are limited to just 16 sculptures for each artwork in the series, three of them, Heart Of Passion, Brave Heart, and Heart Of Gold, will be scaled up and incorporated into Gibson’s latest project. This new venture involves exploring solid carbon fibre as his medium of choice. The enlarged hearts will be featured prominently in this project, offering a contrast to the smaller versions and showcasing Gibson’s innovative approach to working with carbon fibre.

The red, purple, and gold hearts from the Engineered Emotion collection will captivate viewers as part of Gibson’s upcoming project, set to be unveiled in 2023. With its potential for performance and provocation, this new work promises to leave a lasting impression. By partnering with ArtÓ gallery, Alastair Gibson continues to mesmerise the art world with his thought-provoking sculptures. Through his use of carbon fibre, Gibson combines craftsmanship with contemplation, exploring the impact of AI, technology, and personal experiences. The carbon fibre hearts serve as a powerful symbol, highlighting the juxtaposition between modern advancements and the human condition.

ArtÓ gallery, representing Alastair Gibson, is proud to showcase his groundbreaking sculptures. Founder Antony Finn praises Gibson’s use of carbon fibre, which invites us to reflect on our place in the contemporary world and the interplay between creativity, technology, and personal expression. Through his carbon fibre hearts, Gibson offers a compelling commentary on this complex relationship.

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