“Collaboration between Hope Spring and SuS Pads Brings Menstrual Hygiene Day Workshop to Life”

Hereford, UK – Hope Spring, a water, sanitation, and hygiene charity, has announced a partnership with sustainable menstrual hygiene charity, SuS Pads, to train sixty adolescent girls from underprivileged communities in Nigeria. The training workshop, held on Wednesday 15 May 2024, was organized in celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day, which takes place annually on May 28.

Through this partnership, SuS Pads and Hope Spring aim to empower girls with knowledge on menstrual health hygiene. The comprehensive workshop will provide girls with the skills to make their own reusable pads, as well as expert guidance on pad care and maintenance. Interactive sessions will cover topics such as menstrual hygiene management and menstrual cycles.

In a pioneering effort, the workshop will also include boys in discussions about menstruation to break down stigma and promote a culture of understanding and support. By educating boys on menstrual hygiene, the partnership aims to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for girls and women, where everyone has access to menstrual health education and resources.

The Menstrual Hygiene Workshop, led by SuS Pads and Hope Spring, aims to promote confidence, self-esteem, and menstrual health awareness among girls. By providing training on reusable pad-making, pad care, and menstrual hygiene management, girls will gain the skills and confidence to effectively manage their menstrual cycles, leading to improved mental and physical health, reduced stigma, and increased self-awareness.

Individuals, organizations, and institutions are invited to join in creating a #PeriodFriendlyNigeria, where every girl and woman has access to menstrual health education, resources, and support. Together, we can break down stigma, promote empathy, understanding, and inclusivity, and create a society where menstruation is no longer a taboo topic.

To make a difference, individuals can share their stories, volunteer their time, or donate to support the cause. Let’s work together to create a Nigeria where every person can live their best life, free from the burdens of menstrual shame and stigma.

For media inquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact the organizations through Distributed by https://pressat.co.uk/.

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