Charity Launches Fundraising Appeal to Prevent Cancer from Devastating Teen Lives and Secure a Better Future for Future Generations

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:16 pm

Teenage Cancer Trust has launched its ‘Stop Cancer Destroying Teenage Lives’ fundraising appeal to ensure young people with cancer receive the specialist care and support they need in the face of mounting pressures on the NHS and the cost of living crisis.

Cancer kills more teenagers and young adults in the UK than any other disease, with rates increasing by a quarter since the 1990s. Every day, seven young people aged 13-24 are diagnosed with cancer, with this number projected to rise to 10 by 2030.

Paul McKenzie, Director of Engagement at Teenage Cancer Trust, said: “It is an increasingly difficult time for teenagers and young adults who are diagnosed with cancer in the UK today. Young people with cancer are navigating a complex healthcare system while grappling with economic challenges. They need specialised care now, more than ever, to prevent a future crisis.”

Money raised from the appeal will help to provide tailored care and support for young people with cancer. To donate, visit the Teenage Cancer Trust website. As part of the appeal, people who have been supported by Teenage Cancer Trust will share their experiences to highlight the impact of receiving specialist care.

The charity is aiming to raise awareness of the potentially devastating consequences if this care and support is not available.

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