Three leading companies in the safety and employee well-being sector, Magneta, Cuebly and Almas Industries, have announced a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the safety landscape, particularly for the manufacturing and logistics sectors, by combining the latest in technology and innovation.

Almas Industries, a European leader in people protection solutions, is excited to be part of this progressive venture. With Magneta’s advanced lone worker devices and Cuebly’s intelligent alarm monitoring system, the integration provides numerous benefits for companies operating in manufacturing and logistics industries, such as improved safety protocols, tailored solutions, increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, compliance with health and safety regulations and enhanced employee well-being.

The partnership enables real-time alerts for accidents or incidents, as well as precise location accuracy, scenario customisation, man-down/SOS alerts, automated responses and detailed reporting. It also allows for scalability and reduced response time, with customisation to meet specific regulatory requirements.

By engaging with this cutting-edge solution, organisations can significantly improve their safety protocols and demonstrate their commitment to the welfare of their employees.

Today, Magneta, Cuebly and Almas Industries are delighted to have formed a powerful platform for companies to monitor and respond to SOS alarms, accidents or incidents in real-time.

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