CCTVdirect Is A Popular Company to Source CCTVs in Europe

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:56 pm

With the incidence of crime going up, it now has become a necessity for all households and office premises to equip their concrete structures with CCTVs taking professional help from the signature company of the domain CCTVdirect Limited.  

Based in Leeds in the UK, CCTVdirect Limited is a known entity in the electronic security sector in Europe. Established in 2007, the company established itself over the last 14 years as one the trusted CCTV and security distributor.  

Focusing totally on the specific needs of customers, the company executes professional jobs regarding the installation of CCTVs and security systems in a concrete structure from start to finish. The company, thus, is acting as the single source for all security-related issues.  

The importance of security installation in buildings now has become a matter of necessity in entire Europe in the backdrop of growth in crime graphs and the proven efficacy of CCTVs in forestalling crimes.  

This became evident from the recent study conducted by the College of Policing, the report of which says the security installations reduce crime by about 21%. The research report brought to fore the fact that about 16 of the 100 crimes can be prevented by regularly monitoring CCTVs installed in a building. 

As far as vehicle crimes are concerned, the report proves CCTVs can prevent about 26 heists and crimes per 100 vehicles. Here, the important role played by CCTVdirect Limited comes to light as the company’s installations greatly helped in foiling a large number of vehicle thefts and residency crimes. 

CCTVdirect Limited offers total security-related solutions with its ultra-sophisticated inventory of the latest equipment, Internet-enabled system, and technical expertise. The company has state-of-the-art cameras of different types that guarantee the prevention of crimes.  

Such gadgets, equipment, and cameras are suitable for all-weather besides keeping an area, a factory, or building under watch for 24 hours. Thus, the element of round-the-clock surveillance is attached. All real-time activities in a given space can be monitored for 24 hours. Thus, alerts can be sounded on noticing any intrusion or all other cases of crime or intended crime.  

CCTVdirect Limited is especially known for its wide range of cameras including IP Camera, Wireless Camera, C-Mount Camera, Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, High Definition (HD) Camera, Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ ) Camera, Day & Night Camera and Night Vision Camera.  

In other words, the company supplies each and every type of surveillance camera available in the world to strengthen the security system in the given area. They catch real-time footage and moments of whatever is happening live at a particular locality.  

On monitoring such happenings related to crime, immediate security measures can be initiated to forestall them before the crime happens, thus protecting human lives. Besides, cases of a fire occurring in a particular building can also be seen with suitable alerts sounded immediately to extinguish such incidents.  

Installation of CCTVs now has become a necessity for all buildings both residential and commercial to watch all the happenings taking place in and around them. Such cameras supplied by CCTVdirect Limited are also ideal for road traffic junctions, airports, bus stands, and seaports.  

In case of any road accident, such cameras are a must as a medical team can reach the scene to rescue the injured persons. Such timely intervention can save their lives.  

For the banks and other financial institutions also, they provide total safety. Besides, a museum or departmental store also cannot be assured of their safety without the installation of such cameras. 

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