Manage your Transport Fleet with Real-time Digital Solutions

Last Updated on: 16th May 2024, 01:23 pm

If you are a transport manager, you already know the stress that can build from trying to keep up with events in real-time; often by the time you know about something, it is too late to make any changes, which is why real-time analytics is so important.

Fleet management software

We delved into the latest generation of fleet management software that is managed by AI and we found a long list of powerful features that you will have at your disposal when you switch to the best fleet management software Australia can provide.

  • Route planning – A major headache for every transport manager, which often takes hours and isn’t 100% effective; AI software does the job in a few minutes and it doesn’t make mistakes! The larger the fleet, the more you need AI-managed software for route planning.
  • Monitor and track all vehicle inputs – When a driver pulls out of the yard in the morning with a full load, it used to be that you are in the dark regarding how he goes about his day; this is no longer the case; you can track every aspect of the run; speed, direction, duration of stops and times of inactivity.
  • Driver behaviour analysis – Drivers tend to pick up bad habits when on the road and using GPS tracking, you can discover who is doing what. Reward those who are more productive and invest in a little training for those with negative driving habits.
  • Vehicle maintenance – A large fleet needs careful planning for service intervals; let AI software arrange all vehicle servicing and that’s one big headache eliminated. This reduces time-wasting and vehicles are serviced during less busy periods. Using AI means your fleet works longer and in a more coordinated way. Click here for how to make your small business boom.
  • Mobile asset tracking – You probably have a great deal of money tied up in your fleet, which means you should be able to track every single vehicle in real-time. Installing a GPS tracking system allows you to track every single asset in real-time. If you would like a free trial, search online for a leading Australian GPS tracking system and let the experts show you what the system can do for your business.
  • Real-time dash cams – All your vehicles can be fitted with state-of-the-art dash cams that detect collisions; this eliminates any conflict in the event of an accident. Not only that, you also have real-time audio communication with all drivers. This is a revolutionary way to manage a fleet of vehicles, which keeps your finger on the pulse.
  • Smart geo-fence management technology – If you want your vehicles to stay within a specific radius, you can do that using smart geo-fence technology. For more information on smart geo-fence solutions, talk to a GPS tracking system provider.

Every transport manager should be looking into the raw potential of fleet management software, which comes complete with top-notch cyber-security.

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