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Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 09:54 pm

Payments today are swift and convenient. Simply swipe and you can continue your journey. However, with the pandemic sweeping across the world, payments now also need to be safe. Having a card machine that offers safety to both the cashier as well as the customer is more important than ever. Luckily there are numerous options that can be consider when it comes to these payments.

The contactless card machine

Having a card machine that can process a payment contactless is one thing. What we need to do is limit the interaction with the device. With a traditional payment terminal, the cashier still needs to type the amount into the terminal most of the times. With more advanced machines entering the stage, this can be done via a smartphone or tablet. The mobile card reader can be connected to a smartphone and the cashier can type the amount via the smartphone. This limits the contact and makes it a safer method.

Safer and also price-effective

These devices are not only safer to use, but are also very price effective. The cost of a single transaction is very low compared to traditional means, making it even possible to do small transactions. This will place more power in the hands of the businesses and allow them to be cost-effective in these challenging times.

Getting started

If you are interested in starting with digital payments, you can go to This is one of the larger and respected provider of payment devices and digital payments. You can easily sign-up and get started right away. For example, through the use of digital payments via a payment link.

If you do not have a terminal yet, you can still conduct payments. Customers can scan a QR code present on the smartphone screen and use their preferred means of payment. This limits the contact and provides with a smooth payment. However, this takes relatively more time than a card reader. So if you are looking for a high throughput, make sure to order a dedicated machine to help you with contactless payments.

Restaurants get ready

For restaurants, the payment links can come in very handy. Since the pandemic, a lot of restaurants had to switch towards delivery as a source of income. Delivery platforms are present to take care of the payment and the delivery, but come with a high fee. It is more desirable to conduct the payment yourself. This is possible through a payment link. After the order, you can send the URL and the customer can conduct the payment. You can start to prepare the food when the payment has been received. This prevents undesirable situations and reduces your operating costs.


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