Can Web Development Be a Side Hustle for Students?

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:48 pm

Money will always be your number one goal if you are a student. The fact is that academic life involves a lot of spending, renting an apartment, and buying gadgets. That is why side hustle becomes relevant even for first-year students. Let’s say you decide to make coding a part of your life. Can you make money doing web development after classes? Let’s look at programming as a source of additional income. Surely you will be surprised when you learn some of the nuances.

An Independent Online Project

Imagine that you do not have a good resume yet, and companies refuse to cooperate with you. Unfortunately, this is a real scenario for many students. However, you should not panic because you can develop your online project. Create an information site, online service, or potentially interesting database for users. Surely you can connect Google Ads, affiliate advertising, or monetize content.

This path is the most obvious for young people, but do not forget that you will have to create an online project. You may need to delegate some assignments to free up time and switch to coding. Find a good writing service, and get away from the educational routine. But don’t forget to read the nerdify reviews, as they will help you avoid the pitfalls.

Web Templates and Snippets

Who said you have to spend months looking for employers on the Internet? After all, what you want is a side hustle, not a job on Apple’s board of directors. If coding is not a problem, you can create website templates and upload them to paid hosts. Typically, you will receive money when someone wants to download your files. Luckily, the fees on many marketplaces are low, so you won’t lose money. Usually, your earnings level will depend on how many web templates you have created. Try to upload at least 10-20 files, and you can earn up to several thousand dollars a month.

Moreover, you can create code snippets and upload them to websites. Many coders hate writing the same code dozens of times for new projects. So your snippets will help people speed up the web development process. You need to create dozens of snippets with website templates to make a good income. In addition, such an activity will not be a problem for your academic performance. However, you can always delegate your assignments if something goes wrong. Don’t forget that you can trust writing services like and code.

Freelance Projects

Here is another interesting side hustle option. The fact is that many companies need freelancers to shorten the period of development of sites and web projects. Usually, such situations arise when the final product is under development and deadlines are not met. That is why you can look for companies that need freelance services. Typically, your task will be to test digital products, add new functionality to websites, and integrate new features into web pages. So such a side hustle can bring you good money because companies are interested in the rapid completion of the development phase. Look for companies online and offer your services. Surely many bosses want to save money by delegating routine tasks to students.

Campus Projects

Sometimes colleges and universities also need the services of web developers. All databases need to be periodically updated with new archive directories or functions. In addition, some academic sites look like ancient mammoths and require redesign. That is why you can earn money by helping your college or university. Contact representatives of your academic institution and offer your services. But do not forget that you have to prove that the new job will not become an obstacle to your academic routine.

Web Development Competition

Did you know that even coding competitions can become part of the side hustle for today’s students? Find out about any competition in your city or state and get involved. Usually, you will have to create some web projects, templates, snippets, or web prototypes to win a prize. The organizers of such competitions are interested in finding talented web developers and are willing to pay well for your skills. Some online contests will allow you to earn thousands of dollars and even find a future job. Surely you will be inspired by such a prospect!


Any average student can find a side hustle if they have basic coding skills. Creating websites, new web features, databases, or code snippets will solve many financial problems. In addition, you will expand your portfolio, which is especially important for future web developers. Besides, companies and competition organizers are always looking for new coders for projects, so you even have a chance to become part of a well-known team. But do not forget that diligence and motivation are two qualities that are important for all young people. Be enthusiastic, and you can stand out from the crowd.

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