Best feel-good movies to watch

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:17 am

Feel-good kinds of movies are a genre within themselves, those types of light-hearted movies that you can stick on at any old time for some guaranteed entertainment just never get old. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, amazon prime, and Disney plus are luckily filled to the brim with movies like this. If you’ve had a long hard day and you are looking to kick back and relax then stay tuned for some of our top picks for the best feel-good movies to watch. If you are looking to get the most out of your viewing experience then we would highly recommend having your television mounted to your wall. Although this can greatly improve your home, it’s not necessarily something that you can do yourself. If you are interested in making this upgrade, then please don’t hesitate to click here for TV wall mounting services.

Happy Gilmore

This one has to be one of Adam Sandler’s most iconic movies out there, it was made back when the actor was very young and his talent and unique style of acting was new and interesting to everyone watching. Adam Sandler plays a young hockey player named Happy with an especially short temper, when he discovers his grandmother is being evicted from home he sets out to make enough money to save the house. He notices that two of the men removing all of the furniture from his grandmother’s house are practising their golf swing on their break, he makes a small bet that he can hit the ball further than them. It then becomes apparent that Happy has a talent like no other, and he is soon convinced to give up his hockey to enter a golf tournament in hopes of winning some money. As you probably already know, golf is a game that requires the player to have a lot of patience! It can be really frustrating at times, and this is what makes the movie so hilarious! Happy has no patience whatsoever and his outbursts and bizarre behaviour on the golf course soon begins to attract a lot of attention to him among golf fans. Happy must learn to control his anger and improve his game if he wants any chance of beating Shooter McGavin, a cocky and unkind golfer obsessed with winning the tournament and beating happy for social status. This is without a doubt one of the best feel-good movies to watch, it’s actually really surprising if you’ve not seen this one already.

Groundhog Day

The concept of this movie is probably one of the most stereotypical movie concepts out there at this point, but Groundhog Day is without a doubt the most classic of them all. A man one day wakes up to find that he is living the same day over and over, which no one else is aware of. Like many people would do, the main character (Phil) decides to do a whole bunch of things that he usually wouldn’t, considering there are no longer any consequences for anything he does. He goes on one-night stands, commits crimes, binge eats, and much more. Eventually memorising the patterns in the day that he is reliving he begins to use this to his advantage and begins to fall in love with a woman. Phil desperately looks for a way to break the loop, and eventually manages to convince the woman that his situation is genuine by telling her things that will happen throughout the day that he would have no possible way of knowing. If you haven’t watched this classic already, then this one is one of the best feel-good movies to watch.

Yes Man

It would be silly to list all of the best feel-good movies to watch without mentioning a Jim Carrey movie, it really doesn’t get better than this. Yes, man is all about a man named Carl with a lot of problems, he lives alone and doesn’t think very highly of himself. A friend introduces him to a self-help program in hopes that he can turn his life around. The program tells everyone that they should start making the most of all the opportunities given to them in life, by saying yes to everything for a year. Carl isn’t very enthusiastic about following the program, but is convinced by his friend to do so. Carl finds that this new way of living, in fact, does make his life a whole lot more interesting, he learns Korean, takes flying lessons, takes guitar lessons, and even meets a woman who he falls in love with. The woman is wowed by Carl’s spontaneous nature and is unaware that he is following the program, but when she finds out that he is saying yes to everything as part of a self-help program she feels as though his love for her is ingenuine. This movie is a roller coaster, it has parts which are hilarious and parts which can hit you right in the feels. Anyways, we hope you enjoyed our list of the best feel-good movies on Netflix!

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