Benefits of Using Trade Radiators

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:35 am

Every radiator has its purpose, with many different designs and styles available today than ever before. Not all are suitable for every environment, however, so choosing the right type for your property is crucial from the size to its unique features. This is where there is a difference between radiators suitable for the home and trade radiators for commercial use, but what are the main benefits of choosing trade radiators?

Designs Suitable for Business Settings

One of the main benefits of trade radiators is their suitability for public settings compared to standard home radiator designs. If you are specifically needing heating solutions for a hotel, school, medical facility or hospital amongst many others, there are design considerations to consider. As they could be installed in high-traffic areas such as a corridor or a classroom or office, they need to be hard-wearing and safe. Some environments may require other industry related features, such as anti-bacterial surfaces to stop the spread of germs or disease or have lockable controls to avoid any tampering as well as casing that protects from damage. These are some of the many considerations you would not usually need in a residential setting, so trade radiators provide practical solutions.

Ensure Safety First

Safety is a top priority with trade radiators, due to the fact they are ideal for public environments like the workplace or an education setting. Low Surface Temperate (LST) radiators ensure that the surface temperature does not cause any discomfort or potential for burns, meaning any accidental touch or leaning will not become an issue. Schools or nurseries, for example, essentially need this type of trade radiator to ensure rooms and corridors are heated efficiently but consider a child’s curious nature and that accidents can happen. Similarly, some trade radiators will also be coated in anti-bacterial paint so if touched by mucky hands in a school environment or installed in a medical facility where germs can be transferred, it minimises the risks. This goes above beyond radiators you would usually find at home and extends to their control too. In public settings, some trade radiators are designed to be encased for safety as well as to ensure only those with access can change the temperature or remove from a wall. If safety is an important consideration for your business, many features of trade radiators will help.

Best for Bulk Orders

If you have a new commercial property to be renovated or need to overhaul the heating system within a building, you are more than likely going to need multiple radiators. Buying in bulk has its benefits as you may be able to save money on the overall cost, something those who provide trade radiators can sometimes consider. You will also be able to purchase more than one type of trade radiator, so for example you could have a bulk order of hallway, bathroom, and standard radiators altogether. Whilst practicality and safety are the top priority, this does not mean trade radiators are all in one design or colour. You can choose designer styles suitable for an office environment as well as heavy-duty, neutral radiators that are much more practical and put substance over style. If you can order in bulk and save some money, trade radiators are worth the choice.

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