There is a new creative agency on the scene, and it is offering more than just an ability to use certain software programmes.

Nowadays, every Tom, Dick and Mary can use Adobe, but not every creative professional is, you know… creative.

Beige Agency is a new force on the advertising scene and evidently, from its first advertisement, does not have that issue.

Coming from the minds of Creative Director, Hugo Riley, and its Marketing Director, Alex Kolster, the first advertisement for Beige sets out a casual brainstorming session.

We will not ruin where it goes from there, but it is safe to say that things get quite unusual.

It is both unpredictable and entertaining, which are both invaluable commodities in today’s content driven world.

Mr Riley discussed the importance of being different from other offerings in the creative sphere, stating: “Outdated industry business models mean there is space for an agency like ours to work with clients on a project basis to deliver viral multi platform campaigns with flexibility and efficiency.”

The company’s Marketing Director, Alex Kolster, echoed this sentiment: “The office environment of the typical creative agency looks like it could be cleaned with a wet wipe, at Beige we get our hands dirty.”

Working under the umbrella of Kounterpoint Media, Beige is a new force aiming to make evocative branded content for its clients and this is a great start!