Today marks the start of the modern salesperson, an evolution of the travelling salesperson who made big promises and left town with their pockets full. Buyers today are more savvy and sensitive to pushy sales tactics, increasingly requiring more information and time before making a purchase. What was once successful for salespeople is no longer as reliable, and this makes it necessary for sales professionals to understand today’s successful strategies, have a deep understanding of their services and products and have an attitude to nurture relationships with clients.

To ensure future success, regular sales strategy training is essential. Despite this, many salespeople are not receiving adequate training, to the detriment of their organisations. It is vital that sales professionals have up to date technical knowledge, interpersonal relationship skills and an awareness of new trends. Quality sales strategy training is what turns salespeople into trusted advisors that their clients can rely on, resulting in improved productivity.

For the future of sales, training should focus on the salesperson’s intent when approaching potential clients and maintaining relationships. It should also emphasise the need to continually deliver value and follow up with the client. These values, when combined, create a sales strategy that builds and nurtures relationships with clients, leading to success for the sales professional, their organisation and their clients.

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