Anbio Spearheads “Point of Care” Diagnostic Revolution in Europe

Last Updated on: 8th April 2024, 06:35 pm

Anbio Biotechnology is set to revolutionise the European healthcare sector with the AF-100 C, its flagship compact fluorescent immunoassay analyzer. This cutting-edge device, capable of conducting over 70 assays, promises to elevate patient care and diagnostic precision within the EU healthcare framework.

Anbio Biotechnology (Anbio), renowned for its leadership in vitro diagnostics, is elated to launch its extensive “Point of Care” product suite in the European Union. This expansion signifies a crucial phase for Anbio, fostering new collaborations with European distributors and healthcare providers and affirming the company’s pledge to supply the European market with premier diagnostic solutions.

Anbio is celebrated for its innovative spirit and wide-ranging diagnostic products that extend beyond conventional Covid test kits. “Our mission is to revolutionize diagnostics by offering tailored and accessible solutions, including laboratory, wellness, at-home, and point-of-care diagnostics. We are committed to affordability and continuous innovation in life sciences that serve to advance human heath,” proclaimed Michael Lau, Chief Executive Officer of Anbio.

Foremost Analyzer with Broad Testing Functionality

Central to Anbio’s European market introduction is the AF-100 C analyzer, a leading-edge, handheld, rechargeable compact fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) analyzer. This sophisticated device, paired with over 70 CE marked assays for various analytes, is destined to transform clinical diagnostics throughout Europe.

“The Anbio AF-100 C is a game-changer for clinical diagnostics, supplying healthcare providers with a cost-effective, comprehensive, and reliable solution for rapid point-of-care testing,” Lau stated. Its compactness and high throughput adapt it perfectly for varied clinical settings, enabling healthcare professionals to offer top-notch patient care efficiently.

Enhancing Healthcare Outcomes with Swift and Accurate Diagnostics

Anbio’s comprehensive FIA test assortment, capable of producing quick results within 3 to 15 minutes, signifies a major breakthrough in diagnostic technologies. The utilization of RFID chip technology in reagents for utmost accuracy, combined with the capacity for ambient temperature storage for up to 24 months, positions Anbio as a key player in catering to the immediate demands of Europe’s healthcare landscape.

With its foray into the European market, Anbio Biotechnology invites distributors and healthcare providers to delve into its innovative diagnostic solutions. Committed to enhancing patient care through cost-effective, precise, and reliable diagnostics, Anbio is eager to establish partnerships with healthcare institutions across the EU.

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