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Amidst Chorlton’s Changing Landscape, W H Frost Butchers Bids Farewell After 51 Years

Last Updated on: 11th December 2023, 10:23 am

Amidst Chorlton’s Changing Landscape, W H Frost Butchers Bids Farewell After 51 Years

Lee Frost, owner of W H Frost Butchers, voices concerns over Chorlton’s current state and reveals plans for relocation

In the heart of Chorlton, where trendy coffee shops and vegan eateries thrive, an emblematic fixture, W H Frost Butchers, is preparing to bid adieu to its 51-year tenure in the once bustling suburb. Lee Horsley Frost, the owner, has expressed a mix of nostalgia and relief as the shop relocates to its own farm in Marton, Cheshire, amid concerns about the area’s evolving character.

Chorlton, often celebrated for its progressive ambiance, is facing a less publicised reality of rising incidents of shoplifting and drug-related activities, notably in the vicinity of the Chorlton Cross shopping center. Lee Frost candidly remarked, “It’s full of dickheads,” highlighting issues such as thefts, drug usage, and the lack of visible law enforcement presence.

The imminent redevelopment of Chorlton Cross has led to the termination of business leases, prompting W H Frost Butchers to seek pastures new. While acknowledging the need for redevelopment, Lee Frost questioned the approach, emphasizing the lack of consideration for existing businesses. He lamented the allocation of resources to projects like a costly cycle lane and expressed skepticism about the proposed redevelopment plans.

“We have a Chorlton Traders meeting that none of the traders go to because the people that run it haven’t got a clue,” remarked Lee Frost, shedding light on the challenges faced by local businesses in the face of administrative uncertainties.

However, W H Frost’s departure is not just about escaping challenges. Lee Frost revealed the foresight behind the decision, noting, “We knew this was going to happen and that we were going to leave Chorlton eventually, so we bought a farm about five years ago.” The butcher is set to embrace a new chapter with a state-of-the-art facility, focusing on online services and home deliveries.

As Chorlton undergoes transformation, the departure of W H Frost Butchers serves as a poignant moment for the community, marking the end of an era. The Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police, when approached for comment, remained silent at the time of publication. Their responses, if received, will be reported promptly.

Chorlton, once hailed for its independent spirit, is witnessing the departure of a longstanding institution, leaving residents to ponder the future landscape of this evolving suburb.

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