Allye Introduces Battery Solutions to Support Sustainable Energy Transition – Reduces Energy Bills by up to 50%: Enhances Grid Stability and Enhances Affordability

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:55 pm

On Tuesday 20th June 2023, Allye, a distributed energy start-up, launched its smart energy systems to support the grid in accelerating decarbonisation and lowering bills for customers. Allye’s range of intelligent battery systems, to be available in industrial, commercial and residential markets, will afford up to 50% savings on household energy costs.

Jonathan Carrier, co-founder and CEO of Allye, said: “We want to be an ally to the grid network, to support the decarbonisation of the power system and deliver a step change in the digitalisation of electricity supply and demand. Our energy storage systems enable disruption with collaboration, driving efficiency across the value chain so that everyone can benefit resulting in significant savings for all, especially the end user.”

The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 2023) serves as a fitting backdrop to the launch. As society accelerates towards a lower carbon, sustainable future, the energy system and its stakeholders require greater support. The grid needs greater flexibility to balance the electricity network and avoid capacity constraints. Allye provides the smart technology and distributed batteries deployed at scale to realise a change in the system.

Power systems across Europe are rapidly decarbonising, however increased renewable generation leads to a greater risk of imbalance between supply and demand. This can lead to curtailment and higher costs to the grid. Allye will work across the entire electricity system to provide automated demand side response, increased flexibility, and a range of services to reduce electricity costs for end users.

The Allye team has a wealth of experience in product development, systems engineering and battery technology from the automotive industry, having worked at the likes of Arrival, McLaren and Jaguar Land Rover. The founders are passionate about empowering energy security and independence through their intelligent energy platform and distributed battery systems.

Jonathan Carrier concluded: “Our vision is to be an energy ally to the electricity grid and the planet, to realise positive system change through distributed batteries at scale. Our mission is to make battery energy storage more accessible and flexible for every business and every home. We want to provide every business and household with a better way to access cleaner, cheaper energy and help protect the planet.”

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