Advancing the Artistry of Commercial Film Production: Producers’ Happy Hour Podcast Unveils Season 5

Last Updated on: 14th January 2024, 04:52 pm

Producers’ Happy Hour, the pre-eminent podcast for production professionals in the cinematic and commercial sectors, is poised to launch its thrilling Season 5, starting 20th February 2024.

What’s in Store for Season 5
In Season 5, responding to our burgeoning audience’s craving for specialised guidance, we will persist in presenting genuine conversations, interviews with authorities, and valuable production insights. Informed by the input we’ve received, this season will explore essential themes such as prospering as a career freelancer, managing challenging client dialogues, deliberate career progression, and insights into the world of directors. Expect our usual concoction of signature cocktail recipes and a touch of humour.

Embarking on Our Educational Journey
As we prepare for Season 5, we’re delighted to reveal a significant stride forward – the launch of online learning courses. We have personally experienced the trials of charting a path in production without the benefit of formal training or mentorship. The resources we now offer were once notably absent.

Our mission is from the heart. We strive to be the mentors we lacked,

providing our community with a “Producer’s Playbook” to fill in knowledge gaps, introduce new perspectives in producing, and enhance your expertise. This season, we’re excited to introduce online courses that transcend the usual filmmaker training. These courses will concentrate on hands-on producing knowledge, advice on handling client and crew relations, techniques in bidding and budgeting, and diving into crucial production details – insights that go far beyond conventional academic resources.

Backstory of Producers’ Happy Hour
Launching their first episode in the lead-up to the COVID-19 lockdown, Lawrence Lewis and Sister Christian, the dynamic forces behind Producers’ Happy Hour, stepped into unexplored territory. Faced with rapidly shifting conditions and immediate industry challenges, they took decisive steps. Acknowledging the need for current information, they transformed their podcast into a daily source of news for the first three months, providing crucial insights during one of the most tumultuous times in recent production history.

Dismantling Barriers and Eliminating Gatekeepers in the Industry
Producers’ Happy Hour has always been about more than sharing industry insights and cocktail mixes. As seasoned professionals each with over 20 years in the field, Lawrence and Sister Christian are dedicated to empowering the next wave of producers by dismantling barriers and removing gatekeepers. They are committed to sharing the practical advice and insights they wish they had early in their careers, thereby making production education accessible to all.

Join us for insightful conversations, expert interviews, and now, tailored learning experiences that enhance your prowess in the world of production. Here’s to expanding your horizons and mastering the art of making things happen!

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