7 Tips for Securing Your Small Business During the Holiday Season

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:14 am

The holiday season is the time for a well-earned break. Yet business owners are often left feeling preoccupied worrying about their properties over the closed period. Will it be safe? Is it vulnerable to break-ins? These are valid concerns! Thieves are more active during downtime and they understand when properties will be left vacant. Consequently, the business premises become more vulnerable to theft related crime. To avoid all this and keep your small business secure over the break, read the tips below.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV surveillance systems are designed with security as the core focus. Putting cameras around the property serves as a reliable method of deterrence for potential burglaries. It also means you have a constant stream of visual observation around the area to avoid having to physically attend the building.

Perform Regular Checks

Whether you have CCTV or not, your mind just might rest a little easier if you make a few personal visits to the property to check everything over. Unfortunately, hostile intruders are a common occurrence so it is essential to be properly prepared with a legal, registered weapon for self-defense purposes just in case. Purchase those 9mm rounds in bulk to save money overall, and learn how to use, maintain and store the weapon and ammo safely until you need to bring it out.

Check the Vulnerable Spots

Every building has a vulnerable spot. It could be a basement entry point or an outdated window frame; regardless, it needs addressing before locking up and leaving. Investing money in maintenance helps protect assets in the long term. Therefore, where weaknesses are identified, make active choices to fortify the areas.

Outdoor Lights

Install some outdoor lighting as another deterrent. There are so many products to pick from in this area from full throttle flood lights to more subtle motion detectors. Anything you choose will have the desired effect, and give you some subtle comfort too.

Tidy Up

Don’t leave anything valuable on show or in an accessible place. This is the number one attraction for potential security breaches through theft and similar. Thieves are well-known to stake out buildings for potential gain. If you have valuable tech equipment in plain sight, it will make your property more appealing because there is a higher profit potential when selling on the stolen goods. Make sure all tablets, laptops, desktops, and phones are locked up tight in a safe.

Pre-Holiday Security Audits

A security audit is there to highlight the vulnerable areas in a building. Take a thorough walk around of the property inside and out and take careful note of window structures, lock facilities, entry and exit points, and CCTV placement. Ensure all the cameras are operating properly and there are no faults to be addressed before you leave, so you don’t have to spend your holiday time back and forth sorting repairs or maintenance. Criminals are always finding new ways to break and enter, so it is important to stay vigilant against their changing practices.

Power Down

When it comes to securing a building, there are also fire risks to think about. Avoid fire from breaking out or spreading undetected by ensuring all the power outlets are switched off. It will save you money on essential bills as well. It is useful to inform the local fire services and authorities that the property will be vacant for a period as they can factor it into their general patrols.

Small business owners have to consider safety over the holidays. It is imperative to secure buildings as efficiently as possible, and some high crime areas would benefit from additional measures too. Thankfully, there are multiple paths to achieving an inclusive security strategy.

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