6 Outdoor Activities to Try This Summer

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:06 pm

The summer boasts some unbeatable outdoor activities. There’s no limit to the range of fun activities you can try out for the first time this sunny season. From adrenalin-plumbing water sports to laid-back bike rides, plenty of exhilarating experiences await if you venture outside. To make the most of the breezy warm weather, consider adding a new outdoor activity or revisiting one you haven’t tried in a while, such as:

  1. DIY Relay

If planned well, this improvised sporting event can provide some thrilling scenes for all. It’s both an outdoor and indoor activity, so you don’t have to leave your home and backyard to set it all up. Invite family and friends, create teams to compete, and you’re good to go.

Similar to how it is done at the Olympics, you’ll have participants racing over a distance and members of the same team passing a “baton” to one another. You can improvise to make it more exciting. For example, set up a three-legged race with players carrying a small bucket of water as the “baton” to pass to a fellow team member. The pandemic school year hasn’t been so great for the little ones, and homemade relay racing is one way to give them a little extra fun this summer. 

  1. Water Sports

 Water sports are a great way to stay active and try something new, especially on a hot sunny day. There’s always something exciting for adults and kids, including those who hate getting into the water. Perhaps this is your year to try fishing in a pond, lake, or river. It can be both relaxing and rewarding once you get your technique right.

If you’re up for high-speed water activities, try skiing or skimboarding. Be sure to confirm your state’s jet ski riding requirements, if any. You might need a special license for this. Swimming is another enjoyable summertime activity with excellent health benefits. 

  1. Hiking

 Scaling the heights as you enjoy spectacular views of nature and its landscapes is exhilarating. It doesn’t have to be extreme or strenuous as many courses are only a few miles long. Like regular walking exercises, hiking is good for your mental health. It helps you relax by releasing any anxiety-triggered adrenalin in your system.

If you pick the right trail based on your needs and fitness level, your hikes can also offer many exercise benefits. Studies have shown that hiking can improve cardiovascular health, preventing heart disease and high blood pressure. People that hike regularly are safer from health hazards like obesity, arthritis, and diabetes.

  1. Start Biking

 Biking is worth exploring as the weather improves. It doesn’t have to be strenuous either as there are gentle terrains available providing stunning urban or natural scenery. But when you’re well prepared, there’s no harm in riding more challenging trails.

Be sure to gear up for the challenge, including wearing protective equipment. To protect your eyes while on the trails, check out sports sunglasses and remember to wear a helmet. Don’t forget to stay properly hydrated and bring snacks for on the trail as well. 

  1. Join an Intramural League

 An excellent idea for socializing while enjoying a favorite sport is intramural leagues. These have been catching on for a while now. There are programs for most standard and non-conventional sports activities, including soccer, hockey, cornhole, and tennis. They’re a fantastic opportunity to get out there and meet new people, make friends, or exercise for healthier living. 

  1. Build a Treehouse

 Grab your toolset—it’s time to put your carpentry skills to the test, albeit in an exciting way. As tree houses have a magical effect on kids, this is going to be fun for all. This is a great opportunity to bond and create special memories with the little ones.

You get to spend time outside, enjoy the sunshine, and probably get a workout too. Kids love playing in tree houses, so ensure their safety by selecting a sturdy and healthy tree. Choose a safe spot for the structure away from power lines, and don’t build too high above the ground.

Summertime Fun

The outdoors is for everyone, and the vibrant summer days mean the time is now ripe to try new enjoyable activities. Isn’t it amazing how water sports like jet skiing or swimming can bring the fun-loving inner-self to life? In this warmer, brighter weather, hiking and biking are enjoyable too. There is fun to be had for everyone, including the kids, with activities like homemade relay races.

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