5 Tips to make your rental property stand out in 2021

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:17 pm

Every landlord wants their property to give them high rentals! But, nowadays, being a landlord is not just about buying a suitable property, finding the right tenants and giving it out on rent; there is so much more! All estate agents Sittingbourne agree, the rental market has become very competitive, so landlords need to do their best to ensure that their rental property attracts tenants. After all, potential renters can just go online and find a hundred properties that match their criteria. So, how can landlords make their properties stand apart in this highly competitive market? Here are the five tips that will make your rental property stand out in 2021.

Post professional pictures

Nowadays, most tenants are looking at properties online. So, to put your best foot forward and showcase your property in the best light possible, you need to use professional pictures. The best thing to do is clean the property, stage the interiors well and then ask a professional, or maybe a friend who is a good photographer, to take pictures of your property. Make sure you cover every room and every angle so that the potential tenants understand precisely what the property is like. Even if your property is located in one of the best areas, has excellent furnishing and is absolutely spotless, bad pictures can deter potential tenants.

Add an extra room

If your property allows you to make some structural changes, or if you have the place to make extra bedrooms, then that is what you need to do! Just by adding a spare bedroom or an additional bathroom, you can make your property stand out. The demand for properties with extra rooms and extra bedrooms has gone up in the last few months. As more and more people have started working from home, many homeowners and tenants wish to convert an extra room into their home office. So if you have a spare room to provide, one that can be converted into a home office, then your property will definitely stand out from the rent!

Create some outdoor space

Again, as people have started working from home and spent endless months sitting at home due to the lockdown, the demand for properties with gardens and outdoor space has been increasing lately. If you’ve got a small garden on your property, you should spend some money on landscaping and maybe even add some lawn chairs. Adding a patio or a garden shed is also a great idea. If you do not have so much space, think about creating a rooftop garden or maybe just re-do a balcony to make it look and feel like a terrace garden.

Always have a detailed listing

When you are listing your property online, make sure your description is very detailed. How many bedrooms are there? How many bathrooms? What about the storage space? What is the kitchen like? How far is the closest grocery store? What is the neighbourhood like? Try to make the description sound as appealing as possible. Does your property have a fireplace? Mention that. What about a balcony? Write about the gorgeous views from the balcony. Is your property close to the local train station? Mention that too. Does the property have a designated parking space? Be sure to mention it! You want to describe your property in as much detail as you possibly can, and of course, you should say all the essential features that make your property unique and special.

Impress with add-ons

Sometimes, all it takes to woo a potential tenant is to throw some in some add-ons. For example, install a security system with cameras to make the tenant feel safer. If you have space, you can create a walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom. How about investing in some energy-efficient appliances that will make your property environmentally friendly? Upgrade the HVAC system and the other home appliances to proudly say that you have ‘modern state of the art appliances’. Some landlords even offer free internet or wifi, which is a great way to attract tenants. Also, consider making your property pet-friendly. By doing so, you open up your property to so many more potential tenants!

Another important factor is marketing. You can advertise on social media, promote your property on online listings and even try the old-school ‘To Let’ signs in the window. Sometimes, word of mouth also goes a long way. If you are looking for professional help, get in touch with letting agents Sittingbourne.

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