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Jack Mason discusses why Barcelona is perfect for Inc & Co’s next European destination

Last Updated on: 16th April 2024, 04:27 pm

As a business owner, investing in Barcelona can offer lucrative financial returns and a gateway to European markets. It’s a city rich in culture, football heritage, awe-inspiring architecture and a growing business environment. We sat down with Jack Mason, Group CEO of Inc & Co and, as of 2022, a resident of Barcelona, to talk about the opportunities the Catalonian city has to offer, including personal experiences and potential hurdles.  

Speaking about his move, Jack said: “The experience of moving to another country was a lot to take in. However, there is so much activity in the city, not just from the social side, but also, we’re constantly seeing new startups and investments, which adds to the rapid growth in the area. 

As part of Inc & Co’s expansions with our brands such as incspaces, we’re already looking for new building space opportunities in Barcelona to grow our communities overseas.” 

Technology and Innovation Scene  

The Catalan capital is rapidly becoming a hotspot for technological innovation and startups. The city hosts the annual Mobile World Congress, attracting tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs globally. Supportive local government policies and a network of tech hubs and incubators, such as Barcelona Tech City, bolster this environment. For business owners in the tech sector, the city offers a vibrant ecosystem to innovate and scale their operations internationally.  

Strategic Location and Economic Hub  

Barcelona is a trademark destination in southern Europe’s logistics and transportation network. Its port is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean, and it facilitates extensive trade links between Europe, North Africa, and Asia. 

On any given day, the city is bursting with life from both locals and tourists as it sits as one of Europe’s number 1 holiday destinations for city breaks. 

Favourable Business Climate  

Spain’s business regulations have evolved to encourage foreign investment. Initiatives like the Entrepreneur’s Law provide various incentives for international investors, including tax benefits and simplified business setup processes. These regulations create a favourable environment for English business owners who might otherwise be deterred. Furthermore, Barcelona offers lower operational costs than other major European cities like London or Paris, which is attractive for startups and SMEs looking to maximize their budgets.    

Challenges and Considerations  

Despite the numerous advantages, investing in Barcelona can come with challenges. The political climate in Catalonia, which has seen pushes for independence, can pose uncertainties. Additionally, while the local workforce is highly skilled, there is a language barrier to consider, as Catalan and Spanish are predominantly used in business settings. Lastly, the real estate market in Barcelona is competitive, which could mean higher upfront costs for business premises. However, the gothic architecture that surrounds the city is sure to lure you in.  

Jack added: “For business owners, the decision to invest in Barcelona should be balanced, with a clear understanding of both the opportunities and the obstacles. The strategic location, thriving tech scene, and quality of life are persuasive reasons to consider such an investment.” 

If you would like to reach out to Jack to discuss the opportunities Barcelona has to offer, then you can head to his website: jack-mason.co.uk 

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