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5 Fun Scooter Games for Kids to Play

Last Updated on: 28th February 2024, 01:33 pm

With spring right around the corner, what better way for kids to get their recommended amount of daily physical activity than by riding their scooters around outside?

Riding a scooter is a super-fun alternative to riding bikes that’s often more accessible for children of all ages, helping them to improve their balance, coordination, and cognitive skills.

Of course, the novelty of scootering can start to wear off for kids who are always looking for the next challenge or adventure – so how can you keep them entertained?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for scooter games that your kids can play, here are five ideas for fun activities anyone can do with a scooter!

1) Timed scooter races

If you have a paved garden area, driveway, residential street, or park where it’s safe for kids to scoot freely, it can be exhilarating for them to race each other on their scooters from point A to point B.

Set a starting line and finish line, then use a phone timer to see who can race from one side to the other the fastest. Or, if there are enough kids to form teams, why not try a relay race there and back?

2) Scooter scavenger hunt

Create a fun day outside – whether in your own garden or a local park – with a mini scavenger hunt. The objects to find could be little treats, or clues for older kids to solve that lead to a bigger treat!

Finish up with a picnic for more family bonding time (just remember to remind kids that it’s important to clean up after themselves later, especially if it’s in a public place!).

3) Scooter dance party

Put a new twist on a classic dance party by wheeling around to the beat and inventing new moves on a scooter. The more creative the dance moves incorporating the scooter, the better.

If your child has friends round with scooters of their own, you could encourage them to come up with some original scooter choreography and show it off to everyone in a special show.

Some scooter models even have LED wheels that light up in different colours when they move, which can an extra element to the party and performance!

4) Imaginative play on scooters

Younger kids have the biggest imaginations, so using scooters to upgrade games where they can pretend to be heroes in exciting situations could keep them amused for hours.

Why not combine craft activities with scootering and turn their scooter into a horse or dragon for a knight or princess to ride through the kingdom, or make ‘Olympic’ medals for little racers?

5) Scooter obstacle course

Should you have an open space where you can draw on the ground with chalk, you could make your own track for an obstacle course – adding cones, hoops, or other objects for them to steer around.

This makes timed racing games much more fun, and gives kids the opportunity to improve their steering, spatial awareness, and balance skills.

Some children’s scooters are also compatible with accessory kits, like the BERG Nexo magnets, which can add another layer of competitive fun – who can pick up the most magnets on their way through the obstacle course?

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