5 Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques that Breed Success

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:18 pm

Businesses and their structures have completely transformed over the last few decades, and this is almost entirely due to the introduction of technology and the infinite avenues for growth that lie within.

Due to the introduction of social media, the acquisition of information about other businesses and the way that they operate in terms of marketing strategies and campaigns is incredibly easy and straightforward.

1.   Catering to your audience

One of the most effective ways to attract and retain customers is through personalised marketing campaigns that speak directly to your target audience. A prime example of this could be the way that NFL teams advertise in the build-up to a new season or leading up to playoff games.

A standout player, coach, or reference to an iconic factor about a team speaks directly to the die-hard fan on the other side of the advertisement. However, with die-hard fans and locals already on board, NFL teams would look to advertise in places such as Canada, to acquire some of their dedicated sports fans.

With the NFL being the second most-watched sport in Canada, there are many fans of the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Buffalo Bills, all itching for that prestigious Super Bowl title. Although fans cannot agree upon the national favourite, all of these teams share the same landscape with locales all over Canada, making their advertising strategies somewhat straightforward.

2.   Introducing bots

Technology is a great catalyst for providing quicker, automated assistance to customers and potential customers. Processes that would have taken up a lot of time and a person to fulfil requests, can now be handled within minutes. The key is to ensure that all query types are included in the bot’s knowledge and to then offer an e-mail or live chat option for queries that fall outside the norm.

What’s important when it comes to bots is to make sure the language used is simple and easy to understand. There is no need to factor in quirky comments, most consumers want quick and easy help and don’t care for the rigmarole of a bot making nice comments.

3.   Community is a powerful weapon

What many companies and businesses fail to acknowledge is the power of a community, and creating one is far easier than you’d think. Discord is one of the most popular communication applications out there and is completely free to use and set up. The platform allows for an unlimited number of members, and you can focus on growing a community by hosting events, games, and other incentives for members to get their friends involved.

Giveaways and collaboration

A vital part of retaining a community is ensuring that there are plenty of reasons not just to join, but to stick around for a long time. Hosting weekly or monthly giveaways might just be the small kick the audience needs to continue engaging with your community.

The same works for collaborations; with the sheer number of like-minded businesses and platforms out there, there are bound to be many associated communities that would like what you’re offering, and vice versa. Connections between similar associations can propel all involved into astronomical growth.

Using the community to attain feedback

Feedback has always been seen as a vital part of a business’s growth. This can often be overlooked, and repeated requests from customers for a specific item, a change in an item, or a change in any element of the business may lead to a loss of long-term repeat customers.

If a member feels heard, they’re far more likely to stick around and continually provide even more feedback. If you think about this logically, while you may have to rule out a large portion of the feedback received, you’re essentially receiving free business consultation, directly from your target audience.

4.   Influencers are in

A recent trend that has proven to drive incredible results is using brand advocates. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, and people are using these apps all day, every day. Simply finding an account that shares content that aligns with your brand and offering free products, or affiliate codes can secure some exposure to a large audience that would enjoy your product.

The cost of using online influencers is incredibly low compared to standard advertising techniques on platforms like Google or Facebook, often guaranteeing more reach at only a fraction of the cost.

5.   Spreading your presence

An unfortunate mistake that occurs is a brand acquiring a good following on one or two platforms without making the decision to create accounts on all social platforms. There are many people who only stick to one platform, so you may be missing a large part of your potential audience by only sticking to one or two platforms.

Presence can be a huge factor in success, and there’s no real secret behind this, the more you or your product are seen, the more memorable it is, and the more chances there are that the consumer on the other end is seeking to know more about your product or brand.

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