4 Benefits of Integrated Venetian Blinds for Bifold Doors

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:41 pm

What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are a classic type of blind that is usually made from metal or wood. Venetian blinds are also available as a style of integral blind that is encapsulated within double glazing units and can be open and closed both manually and electronically.

Integrated venetian blinds are an excellent option for bi folding doors when it comes to both style and practicality. This article shall explore some of the benefits you will experience from choosing this style of integral blind.

Allows the adjustment of light into a room

As venetian blinds have horizontal slats this allows the user to control the amount of sunlight that can enter through your bi folding doors. In the winter months blinds can be fully opened to maximise the amount of light that will distribute throughout a room which is an alternative to heating a room through fire or central heating.

Contrastingly, in the summer months users can operate integral blinds to be half or fully shut to reject sunlight coming into a room thus creating a cooler environment.

Provide privacy while maintaining sunlight

Integrated venetian blinds can be operated to maintain the privacy of your bi-folding doors in your home while allowing light to flow into the room. This can be achieved by simply positioning the blinds to a certain direction. Light will even flow when the blinds are completely lowered which is beneficial in the winter months as it can assist in helping to heat a room.

Anthracite Grey

Not only are integrated venetian blinds extremely practical for bi folding doors but they can also be aesthetically attractive. Morley Glass and Glazing offer an exclusive popular S159 anthracite grey colour that is practical, stylish and a perfect colour in particular for bi-folding doors. Anthracite grey is the number one choice for powder coated aluminium integrated venetian blinds. If grey does not take your fancy a further nine colours are also available including S102 white, S106 yellow, S149 cream and S125 beige.

Choice of Five Control Solutions

Integrated venetian blinds for bifold doors come with a choice of five control operation systems. Each of the options are slim and can be used on bifold doors ranging from electric or motorised to manually operated. Therefore, there is a wide choice of different options available that will suit all tastes and aesthetic preferences.

The MB system motorised brushless is, as the name suggests, a motorised blind system that offers a significant improvement on previous electrical systems thanks to the brushless motor.  The MB system offers users control at their fingertips in the form of a unique control box that allows blinds of bi-folding doors to be simultaneously opened or shut as well as the accurate tilting of slats.

A further example of a control system that is available for integrated venetian blinds is the W Smart Solar Control system. This offers a solar control system that occurs via a battery operated, motorised blind system. What’s more is that this control system boasts long-life rechargeable batteries and an eco-friendly option to users as it removes the need to frequently manually open blinds or spend time replacing batteries.

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