4 Benefits of GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:20 am

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS is a geo-tracking system designed to trace a location of a person or an object, secure and uncover unauthorized activities. GPS is highly used by vehicles and assets. Fleet tracking is then a management network to monitor and navigate all the vehicles’ activities including the workers. To gain a better understanding of the benefits involved in fleet tracking, we spoke with automotive technology experts Kits n Bits. Here’s their 4 main advantages:

Modern vehicles are among the objects that benefit from GPS in various ways. The benefits of GPS vehicle fleet tracking include:

  1. Improved security of the vehicles

With an installed GPS in a vehicle, it can be traced anywhere as the GPS revolves around the globe. In case of theft, the location of your fleet is detected in real-time. The thieves would have no idea it is there as it has been strategically placed. You can then share the information with the responsible authorities to pursue your vehicle and retrieve it. The authorities also catch the offenders and make sure they are answerable for their misdoings.

Moreover, drivers are kept safe as they are tracked and are aware of being monitored. Thus, in case of any need for assistance due to circumstantial accidents, the management can exactly know where the vehicle is. They can send the required assistance to the driver may it be a broken-down engine. The driver is then assured of a backup plan hence perform the work efficiently and becomes more responsible. The customer’s safety is also assured by the use of a GPS. For any customer’s inconveniences or a case of insecurity, it is reported to the management. The driver responsible is traced and made accountable for the mistakes made.

  1. Minimized Operational Costs

With accurate mileage calculations, a lot of irresponsible spending is cut off. This happens when reckless drivers are spotted. They are known to speeding hence wasting fuel. This reduces the cost of fuel consumption as the management will fully control the vehicle driving routes hence optimizing them. The management will ensure there will be no unauthorized vehicle usage, elimination of idling vehicles and reduced driver speeding. They will have accountable driver records as they will be confirming if the driver has been working accordingly as claimed. This ensures the driver’s behaviours are improved and the vehicle’s lifespan is extended. In short, implementing a telematics system to your fleet is a no-brainer but, choosing the best system can come with a few headaches. iCompario, a business comparison website can help you decide on the best solution for your business.

The management can also save road issues such as traffic jams. This is by availing the driver with simpler routes of reaching to customer’s destination hence avoiding time wastage. This ensures the customers’ services and needs are put into considerations.

  1. Improved Management Planning

The management’s work has been made easier by the use of a GPS. This is so as the management controls all the activities run by the vehicle. Everyday activities of your fleet will be in order as the GPS analyses all the data for you. This will reduce too much paperwork and ensures the driver’s accountability and transparency is in check. The management also ensures the clients are not in waiting as they will contact the driver to ensure the task is done. This leads to improved and quick responses to the client’s enquiries.

The feedbacks are also accurate hence improves client’s trust in the company. Also, availed with the correct records of data, informed decisions can be made by the management. This is because all the involved, the managers, employees and the client opinions will be included. The client opinion is already availed by the rating options. The effective decision ensures there are improved changes and a better working condition. This will provide a smooth running by the management as chaos will be highly reduced.

  1. Increased Productivity

Vehicle fleet tracking has achieved a lot of things in the vehicle industry. Increased productivity is among the achievements. With improved driver’s behaviours, more efficiency by the management and improved amendment, productivity is more likely to increase. Also, when employees’ morale is boosted by a better bonus plan and more training, they become more productive. This is to the company’s advantage as an improved workforce leads to more work. Furthermore, the employee’s time is maximized.

With accurate data, most inconveniences are eliminated hence extra incurred costs are reduced. The management oversees how work is done hence can track the closest vehicle to the client pick-up location and send it there. This will promote quick access and delivery to the client thus increase in productivity as the client will be satisfied with the fast services provided. Also, due to increased customer loyalty due to secured services, jobs have immensely rise hence more profits to the company. Besides, the management can put to use any idling vehicle to generate more profits to avoid wastage of resources.

Final Thoughts

GPS tracking installation for vehicles is an ideal move. Having a GPS, better ways of managing workloads are created and they have an effective impact. With GPS fleet tracking, a lot of mistakes are avoided as accurate data are collected. This advanced technology should be fully embraced by the fleet agencies. This is to improve management and customer services.

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